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Dragalia Lost – Stranded Scions raid event live now, Gala Dragalia coming soon

Posted on July 29, 2021 by (@brodee922) in Mobile

The new raid event Stranded Scions is live now in Dragalia Lost. Up to 4 players can bring their adventurers to complete event quests and work together to defeat the light-attuned raid boss for rewards. 

The adventurer Summer Prince can be recruited after the prologue is completed and blazons/emblems can be used to give him upgrades. This event will run until August 11, 2021, and there will also be a log-in bonus during this time:

Day 1: Exquisite Honey × 20
Day 2: Wyrmite × 400
Day 3: Rupie × 1,000,000
Day 4: Gold Crystal × 200
Day 5: Rupie × 1,000,000
Day 6: Rainbow Orb × 20
Day 7: Champion’s Testament × 1

Finally, a Gala Dragalia is coming soon on July 29, 2021 10pm PT and a trailer for this summoning event is included below.

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