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Dragalia Lost – update arriving December 24th (version 1.15.0)

Posted on December 18, 2019 by in Mobile

Dragalia Lost

Version 1.15.0 of Dragalia Lost will be available for download around Dec. 24, 7 PM PT. You can update right away; otherwise, an automatic update will occur around Dec. 25, 7 PM PT. Take a look below at the details for the new version:

  • It will be possible to change teams before selecting a co-op room
    You will be able to change your team before entering a room, such as on the quest’s co-op screen or the room list.
  • Added Expert difficulty to Void Battles
    Expert difficulty will be added to certain Void Battles quests at 1:00 AM, Dec 26, 2019.
    For quests that have Expert difficulty added, the existing difficulty level will be considered Standard difficulty.
  • New high-difficulty quests, The Agito Uprising
    The Agito Uprising, high-difficulty quests that pit you against powerful members of a new hostile force, will be added at 1:00 AM, Dec 26, 2019.
    You can use the materials obtained in The Agito Uprising to craft the new 6★ weapons.
  • Shop UI changes
    We will adjust the shop layout.
  • Increased Halidom level cap
    We will raise the Halidom’s maximum level to 10 at 1:00 AM, Dec 26, 2019.

The rest of the patch notes along with fixes and other small details can be found here.

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