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Dragalia Lost – Update coming July 26, chapter 14 interlude added, and A Splash of Adventure now live

Posted on July 20, 2020 by (@brodee922) in Mobile

Dragalia Lost has brought back swimsuit-clad adventurers in the summoning showcase A Splash of Adventure. This summon showcase will be live until 10:29 p.m. PT, Jul 27, 2020. Alongside this addition, an interlude to chapter 14 has also been added to the game.

Details of version 1.22.0 have also been released and this update will be available to download on Jul 26, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. PT. The full details of what is included have been included below.

Version 1.22.0 will be available for download around 8:00PM PT, Jul 26, 2020.

You may install it when it becomes available; otherwise, an automatic update will occur at approximately 8:00PM PT, Jul 27, 2020.

To celebrate the update, we’ll be sending all players a Tenfold Summon Voucher after the automatic update.

This notice will be modified after it has been distributed.

Note: The Tenfold Summon Voucher will not be distributed until after the automatic update, even if you complete the update to version 1.22.0 early.

■Update Details
・New item for unbinding dragons, draconic essence
New draconic essence items, which will allow you to unbind 5★ dragons, will be added starting 11:00PM PT, Jul 27, 2020, after the automatic update to version 1.22.0.
Using a certain amount of these materials will allow you to unbind a specific dragon.
You can get draconic essences as drop rewards from certain quests like those in the main campaign on Hard and Very Hard difficulties. Each time you clear an applicable quest you will receive one draconic essence, but there is a limit on how many you can obtain each day. You can continue to play the applicable quests even after you have reached the daily limit for how many draconic essences you can obtain.

You can use the draconic essence icon displayed on the area map for each chapter in the main campaign to check the dragon whose draconic essence you can obtain, how many draconic essences you currently have, how many more you can obtain, and the quests from which you can obtain draconic essences.

The dragons you can unbind using draconic essences after the automatic update to version 1.22.0 are as follows.
・Jeanne d’Arc

・Changes to the effects of abilities based on dragon unbinding progress
Starting 11:00PM PT, Jul 27, 2020, the first ability of all dragons will be upgraded based on the dragon’s unbinding progress.
Note: Gala Cat Sìth is the only dragon whose second ability will also be upgraded based on unbinding progress.
We will also adjust each dragon’s might based on their unbinding progress.
・Improvements to certain action elements
The following action elements will be improved.
・We will adjust the force strikes of axe, bow, wand, and staff adventurers so they can be charged and activated while moving. However, some adventurers, such as the following adventurers, as well as adventurers who can use altered or upgraded force strikes, may be unable to charge their force strikes while moving.
Zhu Bajie
Summer Mikoto
Gala Cleo (only while the Altered Strike effect is active)
Kleimann (only while the Madness effect is active)
Zena (only while the Sacred Logos effect is active)
Nefaria (only while Twilight Arrows is active)
Dragonyule Nefaria (only while Gifts Ready is active)
Hawk (only while Shackling Arrows is active)
Note: The adjustment described above will be applied at 1:00 AM, Jul 28, 2020.
・We will change the attack effect for bow force strikes so they vary based on the user’s attunement.
・We will make adjustments so adventurers who have been knocked to the ground are able to dodge when getting up.
・We will shorten the amount of time players are unable to control the controlled adventurer immediately after using certain adventurer skills.
The affected adventurers and skills are as follows.
Naveed’s Crystalline Blades skill
Lea’s Road to Glory and Floral Revolution skills
Albert’s Lightning Burst skill (including while he is electrified)
Yaten’s Festival Dance skill
Valerio’s Amuse-bouche skill (in Appetizer Stance, Entrée Stance, and Dessert Stance)
Tobias’s Revelation’s Purge skill
Bellina’s Renegade Shadowblaze skill
Lazry’s Smithy Spin skill
Julietta’s Impending Sky skill
Curran’s Circular Judgment skill
Annelie’s Stunning Display II and Stunning Display III skills
Louise’s Arrow Shower skill
Hawk’s Hunter’s Creed II skill
Student Maribelle’s Study Break skill
Lily’s Glacial Blossom skill
Cassandra’s Violet Uproar skill

■Other Changes
・We will adjust the UI on some screens.

■Balance Adjustments
・We will change survival bonuses and the number of revives for some quests in The Agito Uprising.
The number of revives in Volk’s Wrath: Expert and Kai Yan’s Wrath: Expert will be changed to one, and survival bonuses will be added. The number of revives for Volk’s Wrath: Standard and Kai Yan’s Wrath: Standard will be increased to two, and the survival bonus content will be changed. These changes will be applied in a data update around 1:00 AM, Jul 28, 2020.
・We have adjusted the dragon battles in onslaught events so that players cannot repeatedly use skills while shapeshifted when the adventurer Delphi is the team leader.

■Issues Fixed
・The explanation text on the screen that displays when accepting a reward that has reached capacity as a completion reward for an endeavor or as a reward for The Royal Regimen was sometimes partially cut off.
・On the co-op room screen, when you selected Edit Team, then selected Edit Teams and tapped History before returning to the room screen with a Preferred Team set, a Change button that was not intended to display was displayed. If you tapped that Change button and used it to select a team, your team would not change to the team that you selected.
・In dragon battles during the Nadine and Linnea’s United Front event, the adventurer Marth’s Last Boost ability activated for skills while shapeshifted.
・In dragon battles for the Nadine and Linnea’s United Front event, the effect from Tiki’s Dragon Scion I/II ability that reduces damage taken is applied to all shapeshifted dragons.
Note: We have confirmed that the affect applies at the start of the quest even if you have not befriended Tiki or have not put her in your team. The effect from Tiki’s Dragon Scion I/II ability that reduces damage taken is applied to Tiki properly when she is in her Divine Dragon form.
・Buff effects that increase skill damage were not applied to some attacks during the adventurer Zena’s Twilight Crown skill.
・When unlocking the node for the ability Xihe’s Radiance I on the adventurer Radiant Xuan Zang’s mana circles, the displayed description text was cut off.
・In Ayaha & Otoha’s Wrath on Standard and Expert difficulties, if the controlled adventurer was restrained by Ayaha & Otoha’s (human form) Hakkeyoi skill while using a helper skill, their skill icons displayed as if the skills were available for use even though they could not actually be used.
Note: This was merely a display issue. Adventurers were unable to use skills while restrained.
・In Ayaha & Otoha’s Wrath on Standard and Expert difficulties, the effect icons for the enemy abilities Warabe Asobi, Tosenbo, and Toryanse sometimes continued to display after the effects had ended.
・In Ayaha & Otoha’s Wrath on Expert difficulty, the butterflies that appeared around adventurers when Ayaha & Otoha (beast form) used their Kagome Kagome skill sometimes behaved differently than intended.
・While playing co-op in Ayaha & Otoha’s Wrath on Expert difficulty under certain conditions, the animation for the transformation from Ayaha & Otoha (human form) to Ayaha & Otoha (beast form) did not always display on the host device. During this time, Ayaha & Otoha (beast form) sometimes attacked or moved during the transformation on guest devices.
・While playing co-op in Ayaha & Otoha’s Wrath on Expert difficulty, if Ayaha & Otoha (human form) transformed into Ayaha & Otoha (beast form) while using their Hakkeyoi skill under certain conditions, sometimes the animation only played for Otoha.
・In Ayaha & Otoha’s Wrath on Expert difficulty, Ayaha & Otoha (beast form) sometimes used their Hana Ichi Monme skill without first moving to the intended location.
・In The Agito Uprising on Expert and Master difficulties, if Volk, Ciella, Ayaha & Otoha, or Kai Yan were affected by debuff zones under certain conditions, the defense decrease effect did not always end, even though the effect time for the debuff zone had ended.
・In Ayaha & Otoha’s Wrath, allied AI adventurers would not always attack the Weak Point that appeared when Ayaha & Otoha (human form) used their Hakkeyoi skill or the black and white butterflies that appeared when Ayaha & Otoha (beast form) used their Abukutatta Nietatta skill.

1. It may take time for the store to reflect the updated information. Players may not be able to perform updates due to their device’s data cache being full. If you are unable to perform the update, restart your device, and then try downloading it from the store.
2. Any adventurers and game screenshots shown are still in development.

Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost.


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