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Dragalia Lost update rolling out (version 1.12.0), patch notes

Posted on September 25, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

Dragalia Lost

A big update is starting to roll out for Dragalia Lost. Version 1.12.0 involves raid boosts, Expert and Master difficulties for Advanced Dragon Trials, and much more.

Below are the full patch notes:

Raid Boosts
Future raid events will feature a new factor known as raid boosts.
Raid boosts bolster your team for the corresponding raid event with effects such as increased damage dealt to enemies or boosted adventurer HP.
You can get these raid boost effects when you clear boss battles and raid battles during raid events.
Use boosts to power up your party and challenge boss battles!
We’re also adding new features in the next raid event.
Some of these features include a new Omega difficulty, the addition of bronze and silver emblems to the clear reward and Grand Bounty for Nightmare difficulty, the use of special items to play the Extra Raid Battle whenever you want, and a feature that will allow you to trade for any of the elementally-attuned 5★core weapons by clearing the extra battle.
For more information, see the notification for the next raid event.
New Gameplay Elements in Advanced Dragon Trials
▼New difficulty levels!
The existing difficulty level for Advanced Dragon Trials will be considered Standard difficulty, and we will be adding Expert and Master difficulties.
You will be able to use the materials obtained in the new difficulty levels to craft new weapons.
We are planning to add the new difficulties in October, and we will share more information in a separate notification.
▼Time attack rankings
We will add a feature to the planned Advanced Dragon Trial Expert difficulty where players can compete for clear times over a set period of time.
We will share more information about when the feature will be available and how it will work in a future notification.
Changes to the Title Screen
The title screen illustration will change as of version 1.12.0.
The illustration for the new title screen will reflect the progress of the main campaign.
From 2:00 AM, Sep 27, 2019 (after the maintenance is complete) to 1:59 AM, Oct 18, 2019, the illustration will be a special first anniversary image.
First Anniversary Stickers
The following stickers will be added 2:00 AM, Sep 27, 2019 (after the maintenance is complete).
Special First Anniversary Voice Lines
Special first-anniversary voice lines will be available from 2:00 AM, Sep 27, 2019 (after the maintenance is complete) to 1:59 AM, Oct 18, 2019. To listen to them, tap or press and hold an adventurer on the Adventurers screen or the Edit Team screen, then tap the magnifying glass icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. You will be able to listen to the voice lines on the screen that opens.
New Co-Abilities
New co-ability effects will be added.
Gala Prince has the first of these new co-abilities. His Shapeshifting Boost co-ability will boost shapeshifting time and damage dealt while shapeshifting for the entire team.
We plan to continue adding new co-abilities over time.
Changes to the Item Lineup and Price for Item Summons
We will change the lineup and price for item summons starting 2:00 AM, Sep 27, 2019 (after the maintenance is complete).
▼Lineup changes
Removed items:
・Silver crystals
・Ripe dragonfruit
・Silver whetstone
・Blessed water

Added items:
・Sword tablets
・Blade tablets
・Dagger tablets
・Axe tablets
・Lance tablets
・Bow tablets
・Wand tablets
・Staff tablets
・Hustle hammers

▼Price changes (in wyrmite)
Number of timesOld priceNew price
Note: Due to an event, you will be able to perform six item summons for free each day from 2:00 AM, Sep 27, 2019 (after the maintenance is complete) to 1:59 AM, Oct 18, 2019. The new prices will be applied after this event ends, and you will still be able to perform one item summon for free each day.
Recover Stamina at the Halidom
You will be able to produce honey tea, which will allow you to recover stamina, at the Halidom.
One honey tea is produced every 30 minutes, and you will reach capacity in three days.
New Hustle Hammer Item to Complete Facility Construction Immediately
We will add a new hustle hammer item, which will allow you to complete facility construction immediately.
You can get hustle hammers from item summons and as rewards for completing endeavors.
New “Go” Button for Endeavors
You will be able to use the Go button for endeavors to jump directly to the corresponding quest where you can complete the endeavor.
Feature Addition Information
The home page will display which features are added by progressing through the main campaign.
It will also show your daily endeavor progress.
Feature for Changing the Background Music on the Home Page
You will be able to change the home page’s background music from the System tab under Options.
Feature for Skipping the Boss Intro Sequence
We are adding a feature to raid battles that will allow you to skip the boss intro animation. If the player who created the co-op room selects the “Skip intro sequence” box on the room screen, then the boss’s animation will be skipped when starting the quest.
Note: You will not be able to skip the intro sequence for quests that are not raid battles.
Attunement Confirmation Before Starting Quests
When playing quests in the main campaign in solo play, a confirmation screen will now display when your team leader’s attunement is not effective for the quest you are about to start.
You can disable this confirmation screen via the check-box on the confirmation screen or under Options.
Resetting the Social Reward in Co-op
We will reset the number of times you can receive the social reward, which can be obtained when you play co-op with a player for the first time, at 2:00 AM, Sep 30, 2019.
After clearing a quest, you can get 50 wyrmite per player (for up to 50 players).
■Balance Adjustments
・The effects of the Dragon Time +X% ability will be changed to no longer affect the amount of dragon time that is lost when damage is taken.
・AI adventurers would not use skills while in the middle of combo attacks, even if the skill gauge was full. They will now use skills even in the middle of combo attacks.

The following adjustments will be applied at 2:00 AM, Sep 27, 2019 (after the maintenance is complete).
・The maximum augment bonus for adventurers and wyrmprints will be increased to +100.
・The maximum number of skip tickets you can hold will be increased to 200.
・The amount of stamina recovered when using wyrmite and diamantium will be changed from 100 stamina for 40 to 120 stamina for 30. Additionally, the diamantium and wyrmite cost previously increased based on the number of times stamina was recovered, but it will no longer do so.
・The number of getherwings recovered when using wyrmite and diamantium will be changed from 12 getherwings for 50 to 12 getherwings for 30.

■Other Changes
・If you select “Exclude voices” when downloading data during a data update, the voice setting will automatically be set to mute. With this adjustment, if you select “Exclude voices” during a data update, the “Exclude voices” data download confirmation will only display on the title screen when there is a future data update.
Note: You can change your voice settings via the Voices option on the Sound tab under Options.
The following changes will be applied at 2:00 AM, Sep 27, 2019 (after the maintenance is complete).
・We will change the English skill name and voice for Summer Estelle’s skill.
・We will adjust the text in the description for Fjorm’s Ice Mirror skill.
Note: The effects of the skill will not change.
・We will change some of Nina’s lines on the Shop screen.
・We will adjust the shading in the Dragon’s Roost so the area near the dragon’s feet appears brighter.
・We will adjust some 3D models for the following dragons.
Jeanne d’Arc
・We will adjust the head size of certain adventurers’ 3D models.
・Along with the 3D model adjustments described above, we will also adjust the size of adventurers on the home page and the team screen.
・We will adjust the phonetic reading of Ieyasu’s epithet.
Note: This change only affects Japanese and Simplified Chinese, which have the phonetic readings.
・We will change the icons for the following buffs.
Skill Shift
Addis: Bamboo Cutter Buffed
Ezelith: Inferno Mode
Yue: Wild Child
Beautician Zardin: Stunning Beauty
Ieyasu: Blade Formation
・We will also adjust the UI on some screens.

The following change will be applied in a data update around 2:00 AM, Oct 18, 2019.
・Maritimus will now be voiced.

■Issues Fixed
The following issues have been fixed in this version:
・The notation that displays above Sarisse’s head after using her Brilliant Bolt skill displayed a value above the maximum.
・When Treasure Trade was tapped from Item Details for certain items, options with expired trade periods displayed and attempting to trade for them resulted in an error.
・In adventurer details, wyrmprint abilities that increase strength displayed as exceeding the maximum value.
・Sometimes certain skills did not hit enemies when the game was running slowly on certain devices.
・When an adventurer landed a hit with an attack skill after the effects of Striker’s Skill +X% activated multiple times, the icon and effect disappeared after the skill ended.
・When Valentine’s Hildegarde hit an enemy with a force strike while the Sisters’ Day Out wyrmprint was equipped, the strength decrease effect from her ability was applied to Hildegarde herself, but only the first time during the quest.
・Sometimes an AI adventurer’s Pop-Star Siren did not use her skill a second time.
・In The Mercurial Gauntlet, AI adventurers’ dragons sometimes did not use their skill under certain circumstances.
・In Violet Ghost Strike, when starting the battle with Auto enabled, the adventurer being controlled would move away from the enemy.
・When two instances of Skill Shift were activated with Gala Cleo, and either one was reset, the Skill Shift buff icon disappeared, even though one effect remained.

The following fixes will be applied at 2:00 AM, Sep 27, 2019 (after the maintenance is complete).

・The eyes of certain dragons would flicker when their 3D models were displayed on the Dragon Details screen.
・The clothing would interfere with adventurer 3D models in some places in 3D story scenes.
・In the Dragon’s Roost, Vayu’s left arm interfered with the wings on his back.



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