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Dragon Quest Builders 2 details and footage – carryover save data bonuses from the first game and more

Posted on May 10, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch, Videos

Square Enix hosted a live stream earlier today where it shared the latest details and footage for Dragon Quest Builders 2. Among this, we have news about the bonuses players will receive for having data from the first game. Continue on below for the live stream recording and information.

– Those with carryover save data from the first Dragon Quest Builders will get two bonus items (Legendary Builder’s Hat and Recipe for “Dragonlord’s Throne”)
– Using the “Mirror” players will get to change the appearance of their hero
– Options include hairstyle, skin, and eyes
– Legendary Builder’s Hat plus outfit lets you make your character look just like the protagonist of the first Dragon Quest Builders
– This was mostly added for fans of the series because Dragon Quest Builders 2 takes place hundreds of years later so they can’t just throw the previous protagonists in the sequel, but they wanted to at least have a way where the players can have their appearances
– There are several outfits that you can equip to change your appearances
– These are mostly skins so you can wear outfits over equipment and simply go with whatever looks like you like best
– This option was highly requested by fans and Square Enix said they certainly wanted something to allow players to change their looks since this will be a multiplayer title and you wouldn’t want everyone looking the same
– The female protagonist of Dragon Quest Builders 2 will also get to dress up like the female protagonist of Dragon Quest Builders
– New bath item teased; when you click on it, you’ll get to see your character hop into the bath, but the rest is a secret
– Climbing up at faster speeds was something they took from fan feedback from the previous game
– Players said it felt a little awkward at times to climb up hills, so this time they’ve made it easier and faster
– “Dragonlord’s Throne” save data bonus item: you can basically place the throne anywhere you like and sitting on it will make you turn into Dragonlord, the main antagonist of Dragon Quest Builders as well as the first Dragon Quest game
– In order to acquire the carryover save data bonuses from the first Dragon Quest Builders you’ll need to meet certain conditions
– Legendary Builder’s Hat bonus have a save data from the first chapter after raising your first flag (Banner of Hope)
– Recipe for “Dragonlord’s Throne” bonus: have a save data from after the final chapter


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