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Dragon Quest Builders 2

Square Enix showed the latest gameplay from Dragon Quest Builders 2 during a Tokyo Game Show 2018 live stream today. Get a look at the full recording below.

New off-screen Dragon Quest Builders 2 footage has emerged from the Tokyo Game Show. Get a look at the latest gameplay below.

Weekly Jump has provided an update on Dragon Quest Builders 2, specifically showing off farming. We have a scan from the magazine and details below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is featured in the latest issue of Weekly Jump. In it, we hear about the “newly discovered” Monzola Island, two characters that live there, and more details about the world.

Here’s the full roundup, courtesy of a translation by Gematsu.

Square Enix published a handful of new screenshots from ragon Quest Builders 2. Have a look at the images in the gallery below.

The official Japanese website for Dragon Quest Builders 2 was recently updated with new information and screenshots about two of the sequel’s new characters: Lulu and the ship captain. Credit goes to Gematsu for translating the info below.


A young girl who washes ashore Vacant Island with the protagonist. She compares the builder apprentice protagonist to her father, who was a first-class builder.
Ship captain
The captain of the boat that shipwrecked and washed ashore Vacant Island. He can escort you to nearby islands by boat.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is featured in the latest issue of Weekly Jump. In it, we hear about new character Lulu plus a few other details.

Here’s the full roundup:

Square Enix has prepared a new batch of screenshots from Dragon Quest Builders 2. Get a look at the latest images below.

During a presentation today, Square Enix finally announced the Japanese release date for Dragon Quest Builders 2. The game is set to arrive on December 20 for 7,800 yen.

Expect a western release for Dragon Quest Builders 2 sometime in 2019. We have the presentation recording below.


So there are two little bonuses you can get by meeting certain criteria in the first game and having that save data on Switch, both methods and prizes are listed below.

By using the dresser item you will be able to change the character’s hair to the original game’s protagonist’s hair.

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