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Dragon Quest X Offline Character Builder details and screenshots

Posted on February 16, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

Dragon Quest X Offline Character Builder

Square Enix shared the latest details and screenshots for Dragon Quest X Offline today, which focuses entirely on the RPG’s Character Builder. This overview primarily covers the use of skills.

Here’s the full rundown, courtesy of Gematsu:

Character Builder

– The game lets you develop the hero and your party members via the “Character Builder”
– Unlock panels by using the Skill Points you earn as you level up to learn new abilities, spells, and Coup de Graces, as well as gain skill effects
– Which panels you unlock is up to you
– Skill Points can be spent at any time from the “Skill Settings” menu under “Tactics”
– Each character’s Character Builder starts from the center panel
– New panels can be unlocked from there
– The panel displays the names of the abilities you can learn and the points required to unlock them
– If you have enough Skill Points to unlock an adjacent panel, you can learn the ability, spell, or skill effect that the panel represents
– There is no fixed order for unlocking panels

Secret Panels

– The Character Builder has special “Secret Panels” marked with a “?” which by unlocking the surrounding panels will reveal a powerful ability or spell you can learn

Skill-Up Panels

– The game lets you level up skills and spells by inserting a special “Skill-Up Panel” in an empty slot surrounding the abilities and spells you wish to enhance
– Use this feature to further strengthen your moveset
– Skill-Up Panels have ranks
– The higher the rank, the higher the level increase
– If you come into possession of a high rank Skill-Up Panel, use it to further strengthen your abilities, spells, and skill effects

The Hero Has a Skill Tree for Each Weapon Type

– The hero has a skill tree for each equippable weapon type
– Since there are 16 weapon types you can equip from the start of the game, you will be able to choose and unlock the panels you choose from 16 skill trees
– Party members each have one large Character Builder with different branches of abilities to learn
– Open the Character Builder and unlock each panel to strengthen your characters

The Hero

– The hero has over 16 small skill trees for each weapon
– Unlock the panels on each skill tree a little at a time, or you can put all your focus into a single skill tree
– One-Handed Sword Skill Tree, Axe Skill Tree, Staff Skill Tree, and Shield Skill Tree

The Party’s Skill Trees

– Strengthen each party member with one large Character Builder that integrates the abilities of four to five weapon types
– Each character’s Character Builder has its own shape and abilities to learn

New Abilities and Spells are not Limited to the Character Builder

– While you can learn new abilities and spells in the Character Builder, there are also abilities and spells you can learn outside of it
– When the protagonist reaches a certain vocation level, or members of the party reach a certain level, they will learn new abilities and spells alongside the regular stats boost

Learn Powerful Abilities and Spells via Your Party Members’ Unique Skills

– Each of the five party members that fight alongside the protagonist have a unique set of special skills
– You can learn unique abilities, spells, Coup de Graces, and more by unlocking the panels for these skills
– Maille’s Unique Skill Set: “Powerful”: skill set that takes advantage of the strength and flexibility of the Ogre race; Balanced in both offense and defense, it offers a variety of abilities to learn
– Ragus’s Unique Skill Set: “Royal”: skill set that protects allies with the spirit of love; this include healing allies, and striking enemies with holy power
– Fuura’s Unique Skill Set: “Wind Rider”: skill set that utilizes the power of a Wind Rider; mow down violent enemies while kindly healing your allies
– Fuser’s Unique Skill Set: “Cool”: skill set that specializes in offensive skills; learn abilities to overcome various situations and fight solo on the battlefield
– Dasuton’s Unique Skill Set: “Junk”: skill set that misleads enemies with its peculiar actions; learn skills that engulf not only enemies, but even allies

Check out the Dragon Quest X Offline Character Builder in the gallery below. 

Dragon Quest X Offline was last planned for February 26, 2022 in Japan, but was delayed to this summer. Meanwhile, there’s no word on a western release at this time.

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