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Dragon Quest XI: Details about Martina’s & Row’s skills and the town of Grotta

Posted on June 29, 2017 by (@OnePunchMaz) in 3DS, News

Another week, another round of Dragon Quest XI news from Weekly Jump magazine. This time, we’ve got some new infos on party members Martina and Row and what they’re capable of in combat, as well as the town of Grotta. Credit goes to Gematsu for the translation.

Grotta is a flourishing town in the northern part of Lotozetasia, and where masked fighters participate in a “Masked Fighters Tournament.” There is arena here, as well as a statue of General Greig, who won the tournament once.

Martina is a beautiful fighter with an ambiguous elegance drifting about her. She doesn’t seem to be just an ordinary person. She seems to have the intention to travel the world.

Skills she can use include:

  • “Sexy Beam” – A seductive skill in which Martina strikes a sexy pose and monsters fall in love with her beautiful face.
  • “Miracle Moon” – A melee skill.
  • “Witch Nail” – A claw claw skill.
  • “Hell Spark” – A spear skill in which hell thunder strikes down on the enemy.

Row has the appearance of a traveler, but is a man shrouded in mystery who can use advanced magic and martial arts.

Spells that he can use include:

  • “Kazam”
  • “Kacrackle”
  • “Kazing” – A spell that revives a fallen ally.

Skills that he can use include:

  • “Baptism of Zero” – An enlightenment skill that eliminates good effects on the enemy.
  • “Revival Staff” – A two-handed staff skill that revives an ally.
  • “Liger Slash” – A claw skill in which Row hits the enemy with strong, continuous attacks—both spells and direct attacks.


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