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Dragon Quest XI – details and screenshots for Zone and Link systems

Posted on May 8, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Switch

Square Enix updated the Dragon Quest XI website with the latest details and screenshots for its upcoming RPG. Two of the game’s systems are covered: “Zone” and “Link”. We’ve rounded up the latest news below, courtesy of Gematsu.


– One of the new powers that appears in battle
– State of heightened concentration that temporarily increases your combat ability
– If attacked by an enemy, the protagonist and other party members can enter Zone allowing them to turn a sticky situation into a prime opportunity
– Entering Zone surrounds your body in a blue light and increases your ability
– The effect can carry over to the next battle until it disappears
– Even if you take heavy damage and find yourself in a pinch entering Zone could be your chance for a counterattack
– Zone is even more promising when several party members enter it
– Monsters can also enter zone


– If you enter Zone, you can acquire even further power
– By combining your power with those of your party members, you can unleash powerful Link techniques
– These can become the key to defeating formidable enemies
– Silvia can light up the protagonist’s sword with fire
– Link techniques differ depending on the combination of party members, learned spells and skills, and the number of people that are in Zone
– How you organize your party will directly affect which Link techniques you can unleash
– Monsters can also unleash Link techniques
– Camus and the Protagonist: “Falcon Dance”
– Full Party: “Giga Burst”
– Silvia and Protagonist and Row: “Rose Hurricane”
– Martina and Row: “Matou Enbu”

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