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Eastward update out now on Switch (version 1.1.0c), patch notes

Posted on November 29, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Eastward update 1.1.0c

A significant 1.1.0c update has come to the Switch version of Eastward. It comes with new features like fast travel and bookmark chapter selection, a ton of bug fixes, and quality of life adjustments.

Below are the full patch notes for the Eastward version 1.1.0c update:

New Features
  • Fast Travel on the map
  • A new option on the Main Menu after the first playthrough, which includes
  • Chapter Selection: Start a new game from a specific Chapter with an empty save or a load data from a previous Chapter selection save.
  • Earth Born: Play directly from the menu, and collect data from your existing save
  • Play Credits
  • A Display Mode selection option appears at the first launch of the game
  • New filter mode (Available in Clear, CRT, and Normal)
  • Added mapping for the Right Analog Stick function
  • Added a map opening reminder at the beginning of the first Chapter
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed players could get incorrectly transported to Sam Quest location in Chapter Selecting mode
  • Fixed incorrect treasure chest states in Chapter Selecting mode
  • Fix for John’s raft becoming stuck when he crosses the gate and returns in a scene in the forest south of Greenberg
  • Fix for when the characters are on the edge of the manual lift and road, their positions can be wrong after players operate the device and switch characters quickly
  • Fix for characters being able to walk on the water
  • Fix for allowing characters to have a chance to go through walls in underground scenes
  • Fix to stop boxes from going into Sam’s tunnel in the Eternal Tower
  • The Menu interface can be activated while the credits are being played at the end of the game
  • Fix for characters going through walls during the dual problem-solving level in the Quake Valley
  • Fix for issue where after all the stairs have gone up in the final maze of Charon and the CG, the central platform and the final stair are still down there
  • The characters cannot be discovered when they are blocked on the Monkey Car
  • Fix for when characters miss their attacks if they are too close to monsters
  • Fix for players being stuck at the end of turn after slaying monsters with Awakened Hunter equipped in Earth Born
  • Fix for issue where some players cannot collect all Pixballs
  • Fix for issue where Sonic Punk’s energy is not reset in the Reset Room of the Infinity Building
  • Fix for issue where the character will be stuck after releasing Light Ball at the final moment of the countdown in the Reset Room of the Infinity Tower
  • Fix for issue where when several Black Beasts attack Sam in one frame, Sam will be captured by them at the same time
  • Fix for issue where when a Black Beast captures Sam and is slain by John in the same frame, Sam will not be released
  • Fix for issue where the raft starting from Greenburg cannot reach the shore
  • Fix for issue where when the connection status of the mobile platform and the ground changes in the Infinity Building, characters’ positions go wrong when they cross the connection
  • Fix for when John places bombs in the Fan Area, the game will crash
  • Fix for when Sam’s position going wrong on Wisdom Street in the Light City
  • Fix for when players switch scenes and open the Menu and use Sonic Punk, some interfaces cannot be activated. We have disabled all Menu-related functions except for System Settings during the scene switching
  • Fixed, the tips of the switch in the Easter Egg room are reversed incorrectly
  • Fixed, when at the final stage (protecting Beibei) of the film shooting on the Monkey Car, if several Frogs kill Beibei and John killing the final Frog occurs at the same time, the story cannot proceed
  • Fixed, The Candle Monsters in the Infinity Building have a chance to freeze
  • Fixed, game crash when resetting level at the first part of the Black Car Black Tide Chase, and added some auto-save points
  • Fixed, game crash when players switch characters during scene changes
  • Fixed, characters might disappear when being switched during scene changes.
  • Fixed, characters can walk through the three rising sluices in the Dam Mending Area.
  • Fixed, some frogs can become stuck in the air in Monkey Train
  • Fixed, in the Water Level mission of the Fan Area, if players place a controllable character in the water before the sluice goes up, the character will be drowned
  • Fixed, the switch in the Sewer Control Room on the left side of the Fan Area does not vibrate
  • Fixed, in Charon’s scene, the rising barrier controlled by the Time Delay Switch has a chance to expel John out of the map
  • Fixed, when players have finished selecting specific food materials and spice for cooking and the check box remains on the selected spice, the food material will disappear after they open the Recipe interface and switch back
  • Fixed, the Map option will disappear in the Menu of Earth Born
  • Fixed, there are two Area Bombs that cannot be reached in the Black Car Maze
  • Correct some textual errors
Quality of Life Adjustments
  • Adjusted the drop rate of the money/supplies for killing monsters
  • Increased the damage of guns
  • Improved UI hints in the driving mini-game
  • Adjusted the positions of the Vending Machine and the Stove in the Solomon’s Grave on the Time Island
  • Added extra auto-save points between Chapter 6 and the final Chapter to avoid the loop caused by the failure in compulsory battles
  • Adjusted the difficulty of the chasing part of Chapter 8
  • Added more auto-save points in the main hall level of Chapter 8
  • Adjusted the scene on the third floor of the Eternal Tower so that characters will not stand out of the line after the Time Reversal
  • Adjusted the mass of John’s bombs to solve the problem that he might get expelled out of the screen by the bombs on some linear maps
  • Added more narrative content in the Miasma chasing part of Chapter 8
  • Removed the collision between the Giant Black Creature and other monsters
  • Increased aim-assist for Sam’s action.

All players can download the Eastward version 1.1.0c update on Switch now.


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