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Eternity’s Child still coming to WiiWare, Eternity’s Child 2 and cartoon planned

Posted on September 29, 2008 by (@NE_Brian) in GBA, News, Wii

Eternity’s Child

– still coming nto WiiWare
– delayed a bit due to difficulty in porting over from PC
– Alten8 (publisher) is working on it, and it should be out this year
– Challenge Mode has been added

Eternity’s Child 2: Retro Child

– cancelled GBA/SNES project coming to WiiWare
– Wiiimote in classic NES style
– new flying/gliding moves
– 2 player co-op
– new vehicles
– different endings depending on how many creatures you save
– story starts right after the end of the first game
– follow Angel as he is outcast from society. Due to a lack of wings, he is shunned by the people, and ends up living in a place inhabited by ‘Landians’. When Angel’s wings grow back, Landian hunters go after him as a target for death
– 16-bit style graphics
– Luc is the concept artist/producer, and he will handle some design aspects
– Shane Gil will be the director and lead designer
– development is underway
Cartoon series

Cartoon series

– Luc is actually working on a cartoon series as well, while he took a break from the game industry. No more details on that project at this time.

And…Here’s footage of the canceled GBA title.

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