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Fae Farm: Coasts of Croakia update announced

Posted on December 14, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Fae Farm Coasts of Croakia update

November 30: Phoenix Labs today unveiled Fae Farm: Coasts of Croakia, the first major content update for the game. It will be available for Switch on December 14, 2023 at no extra cost.

Phoenix Labs is mostly keeping quiet on the details, but has shared a couple of things thus far. The studio states: “Fae Farm: Coasts of Croakia invites players to a new realm where they’ll meet mysterious new characters and take on brand-new quests. Players can look forward to exciting encounters and discoveries, brand-new gameplay mechanics, and more.”

Check out a teaser trailer for the new update below.

Coasts of Croakia Teaser Trailer

More information about the upcoming update will be shared closer to launch.

December 14: Phoenix Labs has now passed along a bunch of information about the DLC. We have that below, along with a launch trailer.

Archi-pal-igo Park, the setting for Coasts of Croakia, is a magical place set on tropical rocky islands populated by wondrous adorable critters. Through the content update’s main questline, players gain access to a new upgradable tool, the Conch, which enables them to learn a variety of critter languages. Communicating with critters will let the player befriend them and get them to tag along on their journeys. Beyond the cuteness overload, pet critters grant players a dozen different types of buffs to equip, allowing them to further customize their loadouts depending on their current quest or activity.

Fae Farm: Coasts of Croakia is neatly intertwined with the main storyline, so players can start a new adventure and discover how this content and its new gameplay features weave into the main narrative. Alternatively, players who have completed the main story can easily jump right into the Coasts of Croakia content update and experience it as a standalone adventure.

In parallel to this new content and as part of the same update, several important improvements have been brought to the game, including new and unique dialogs to existing vendor NPCs, the ability to store more items in house storage, more intuitive interactions with farm animals and several bug fixes.

Launch Trailer

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