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Famitsu shares new details about Splatoon’s Hero Mode

Posted on March 4, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

This week’s issue of Famitsu gives us yet another update on Splatoon. In the magazine’s latest article, Hero Mode (single-player) is expanded upon further.

We’ve gone ahead and translated the various tidbits from Famitsu’s article. There might be a detail here and there that was covered previously, but there’s a decent amount of new information.

Head past the break for the full breakdown.

General Hero Mode details

– The goal is to retrieve energy sources which were stolen by octopuses
– There is exclusive equipment to use in Hero Mode
– Commander Atarime will aid the player with hints when facing the Octarian Army

Enemies in Hero Mode

– The number of tentacles of an enemy implies its strength
– Octolings attack in groups
– It is implied they will have rollers in addition to usual guns
– Octopus diver can dive into ink
– Octocopter floats midair so it is harder to hit
– Octopus ball has one eye and spreads ink by rolling around
– Octopus robot is a walking missile
– If it detects the player, it will rush towards him/her and will scatter ink upon explosion

Hub area

– There is a starting area from which you enter Hero Mode stages
– Commander Atarime lives there
– You enter every stage from a kettle
– The scenery is reminiscent of modern day as there are telephone poles
– A huge octopus looking building can be seen inside


– Jump point: you can perform super jump to change places quickly
– Propeller lift: shoot the fan to move the lift
– Ink rail: you can reach places which would be unreachable in human form by turning into a squid

Yet another Splatoon article will be published in the March 19 issue of Famitsu. The magazine will talk about the different weapons and gear.

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