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Fire Emblem Heroes update announced (version 5.5.0), patch notes

Posted on April 29, 2021 by in Mobile, News

Intelligent Systems has announced a new major update for Fire Emblem Heroes to be released on May 6. Check out a list of changes here:

■ Reserve barracks are being added

10 reserve barracks will be added, allowing you to house 1,000 additional allies. Tap Allies, Manage Barracks, then Move to Reserves to move Heroes from your main barracks to your reserves. Manage your allies using Manage Groups.


My Summoner updated

○ Select a weapon for My Summoner from among 7 types.

○ Two new look styles will be added.

○ Access the My Summoner settings screen by tapping your summoner on the Home screen.

○ Send your custom summoner to the Aether Resort.


■ New skills are being added for some Legendary Heroes

Gunnthrá: Voice of Dreams

A Skill: Atk/Res Solo 4

B Skill: Chilling Seal II

Ryoma: Supreme Samurai

B Skill: Bushido II

C Skill: Atk/Spd Rein 3

■ The lineup of Limited-Time Combat Manuals is being updated

Players will be able to obtain Divine Codes (Ephemera 5) from events and exchange them for an updated lineup of Limited-Time Combat Manuals using the Compile Combat Manual feature.


■ New weapons to refine

Ragnell (Ike: Young Mercenary, Ike: Vanguard Legend) and Alondite (Black Knight: Sinister General, Zelgius: Jet-Black General) are coming soon!


■ New weapons to refine

Raijinto (Ryoma: Peerless Samurai, Ryoma: Supreme Samurai), Siegfried (Xander: Paragon Knight), and Gradivus (Camus: Sable Knight, Hardin: Dark Emperor) are coming soon!


■ Pawns of Loki updated.

○ Save skills equipped by enemies will not activate.

○ The number of turns for each Tier will be changed to 9, and the score needed to obtain cumulative score rewards will be adjusted.

○ The base score for Advanced will increase by 100.


■ Additional Heroes via Heroic Grails

・Solon: Church Shadow

・Saleh: Vernal Sage


■ Aether Raids updated Some structures will have their level cap increased

 ・ Bolt Tower (O/D): up to 8 Aether Resort updated.

・ Two new songs are being added to the Concert Hall


■ Mjölnir’s Strike is being updated

○ The Auto-Create feature will be implemented.

○ Quests that reward you for defeating foes with My Summoner during the Shield phase will be added.

○ A mechanism will have its level cap increased.

・ Ebon Summoner: up to level 4


■ Feh Pass is being updated

○ Feh Pass will be accessible across multiple devices with different operating systems using the same save data.

○ If you are using the same save data, you will be able to migrate your Feh Pass subscription to another OS on a new device.


■ Other Changes

○ We will fix an issue regarding movement affected by the Pathfinder effect while using Auto-Battle.

○ We will fix an issue in which, when the Select by Team button is used on the Equip Skill Sets menu, the selected team would not change.


■ Other Changes

○ Minor adjustments to Blessing icons for Mythic Heroes that grant access to the Special slot in Aether Raids.

○ The Forging Bonds event banner will display in a new color palette to differentiate it, depending on the event’s status.


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