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Fire Emblem Heroes update announced (version 8.3.0), patch notes

Posted on March 1, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

Fire Emblem Heroes update 8.3.0

Nintendo has announced the next update for Fire Emblem Heroes, version 8.3.0.

The update includes new skills for a couple of Mythic Heroes, new weapons to refine, and more. We have the full rundown below.

Fire Emblem Heroes update version 8.3.0 patch notes

■ New skills are being added for a Mythic Hero
Dagr: Sun’s Radiance
A Skill: Atk/Spd Hexblade
B Skill: Sun-Twin Wing+
Note: You will also be able to refine her weapon, Skinfaxi.

■ New skills are being added for a Mythic Hero
Seiros: Saint of Legend
A Skill: Atk/Res Scowl 4
C Skill: Wings of Light+
Note: You will also be able to refine her weapon, Aurora Breath.

■ Divine Codes (Part 5)
Divine Codes will be switching to Part 5. A new category, Normal 5, will also be added to the Compile menu. You will still be able to compile the Normal 1 through Normal 4 Combat Manuals.

■ Display Skill Keywords feature
A Display Skill Keywords feature will be added to the Settings menu, and can be switched On or Off. When switched to Off, the descriptive text of skill keywords displayed within 【】 in the skill description will not be displayed.

■ Limited-Time Combat Manuals
Players can obtain Divine Codes (Ephemera 3) and exchange them for an updated lineup of Limited-Time Combat Manuals.

■ New weapon skill
Lucky Bow (Midori: Reliable Chemist) is coming! (It can also be upgraded in the Weapon Refinery.)

■ New weapons to refine
Aurora Breath (Seiros: Saint of Legend), Brutal Breath (Corrin: Bloodbound Beast), Skinfaxi (Dagr: Sun’s Radiance), Crusher (Annette: Overachiever), Joyful Vows (Micaiah: Dawn Wind’s Duo) and Levin Dagger (Gangrel: Plegia’s Mad King) are coming!

The Fire Emblem Heroes version 8.3.0 update goes live on March 5, 2024.


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