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Fire Emblem Heroes update announced (version 8.6.0), patch notes

Posted on June 1, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

Fire Emblem Heroes update 8.6.0

The next update for Fire Emblem Heroes, version 8.6.0, has now been announced.

The update comes with some of the typical additions such as new weapon skills and weapons as well as New Memento Events in Heroes Journey. Also worth noting that the game is seeing a bug fix involving Summoner Duels Captain Skill Heavy Burden.

Here’s the full rundown:

Fire Emblem Heroes update version 8.6.0 patch notes

  • The line-up of Limited-Time Combat Manuals is being updated.
    • Exchange Divine Codes (Ephemera 6) earned from events for Limited-Time Combat Manuals using Compile Combat Manual.
  • New weapon skills and weapons to refine are being added.
    • New weapon skills
      • Thief’s Honesty (Julian: Tender Thief)
    • New weapons
      • Chaos Ragnell (Ike: Zeal Unleashed)
      • Dark Creator S (Nemesis: King of Liberation)
      • Apotheosis Spear (Anna: Secret Seller)
      • Exotic Fruit Juice (Selena: Sandbar Fluorspar)
  • New Memento Events are being added to Heroes Journey.
  • Aether Raids being updated.
  • Summoner Duels is being updated.
  • Fixes a bug in which the Summoner Duels Captain Skill Heavy Burden, which is meant to trigger only once per turn, can be triggered multiple times in one turn under certain conditions.

The Fire Emblem Heroes version 8.6.0 update goes live on June 5, 2024. We have more information about the game here.

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