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Fire Emblem: Three Houses introduces Hanneman, Crests

Posted on May 18, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Nintendo has prepared a double dose of updates for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Along with an introduction for Hanneman, we also have news about Crests.

First up, here’s a bio for Hanneman:

A Crest Researcher studying the “Crests” the goddess gave humanity, and a teacher at the Officer’s Academy. Normally a calm individual, he gets quite absorbed when it comes to Crests. Especially so when it comes to the protagonist’s mysterious Crest; he becomes unable to hide his excitement from academic curiosity. It seems he doesn’t quite get along with Manuela, his colleague.

Here’s a quick look at Hanneman, along with a translation of the conversation:

“You’ve already heard about it, I presume. It seems they’re doing mock battles between classes. That side, I’m not making much progress in my research regarding your Crest… Your flesh… No, your blood is fine. Leave a few drops there.”

Next, an introduction to Crests:

Some people in Fodlan have a special power called a “Crest” inside them. This power was granted to humans by the goddess, and the heroes or saints have passed them down to the nobles that are their descendants, becoming symbols of political influence. However, not all of these noble descendants are born with Crests, and there are many without them.

And an overview of the protagonist’s Crest:

“Crests” are normally possessed only by nobility, yet the protagonist helping with Hanneman’s research knows that a Crest lies in their body. Why does the protagonist, who isn’t nobility, have a Crest?

Lastly, a video for Crests plus the translation:

“Now, let’s start with what Crests are. …Crests, are power. In the distant past, it’s said that the goddess granted them to humans, embedding them in their bodies, and passed down through blood. Those with Crests might have strong magical powers, or durable bodies, and such… The various Crests correspond to various powers, powers that surpass humanity.

Response: “And I have a Crest too?”

“Who knows. It’s hard to say without investigating. As I said, Crests are passed down through blood… But even if one’s ancestors had a Crest, it doesn’t mean one is guaranteed to have one. Only a select few of the descendants can inherit the power of the Crest. If one of your ancestors had inherited a Crest, and you just happened to inherit it… Something like that.”

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