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Fire Emblem: Three Houses introduces Knight of Death, Flame Emperor

Posted on May 30, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Nintendo is back with the latest two character introductions for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This time around, we have bios for Knight of Death and Flame Emperor.

First up, here’s the intro for Knight of Death:

Knight of Death {Shinigami Kishi, lit. God of Death Knight}
A knight wielding a large scythe like the Grim Reaper’s, and wearing sinister armour, kidnapping people in the dead of the night… That is the very convincing rumour of “The Knight of Death”, told in the streets of Garreg-Mach. But it turns out that those weren’t just rumours, and the Knight appears before the protagonist as a very real threat.

And Flame Emperor:

Flame Emperor
A mysterious being operating secretly around the great Monastery. Their emotions are impossible to discern through that mask, but it’s clear that they’re not friendly towards the Church. They, for some reason, employed bandits to attack students who were out camping, but that failed due to the protagonist’s intervention. After that, they have come to hold interest towards the protagonist while also staying cautious. What could be their goal…

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