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First LEGO Marvel Super Heroes details

Posted on January 9, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, DS, News, Wii U

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is featured in this month’s Game Informer as the magazine’s cover story. Warner Bros. seems to be keeping some aspects under wraps, as actual gameplay details remain a bit vague and screenshots weren’t included.

In any case, you can learn more about LEGO Marvel Super Heroes below. There’s information to be read about the game’s roster and areas, New York City hub, and more.


– The team knew the Avengers would be an important part of the game
– Builds on many of the themes and heroes from the Avengers
– Expands the roster with a new story
– Story written by Mark Hoffmeier
– A villain from the animated Marvel Super Hero Squad series plays a fairly big role in the game
– He’s portrayed as a bumbling fool in the show, but he’s more serious in LEGO Marvel
– Hulk was one of the first things added to the game
– Unprecedented amount of destruction
– LEGO Batman 2’s Superman provided inspiration for LEGO Marvel’s approach to flying
– The team wants to make sure that all playable characters are desirable so that players won’t just stick with one character
– Can use Spider-Man’s webs to stick to any surface and swing wherever he wants
– Spider-Man can use his webbing to tie up bad guys and pull objects
– Spider-Man also has his spider sense
– “Spider-Man is quite possibly the most difficult of the characters we’ve worked on, but he’s becoming most satisfying from a design perspective.”


– Loki is imprisoned
– He’s still a god, but he can’t return to Asgard like he desires
– Loki reaches out to a currently unknown Marvel villain, and the two form an alliance
– Galactus is heading toward Earth

Roster and areas

– Game Informer speculates that The Thing and Juggernaut will be in the game
– Grand Central Station is included
– Sandman hinted at through a concept art piece
– One level takes place in the OsCorp Tower
– This likely means the Green Goblin is in as well
– Game Informer spotted a metallic wall with a dotted-line M in a test area they saw
– Probably means Magneto is in
– The Raft is Marvel’s Arkham Asylum counterpart
– Contains some of the most dangerous villains

Hub area

– New York City acts as the hub
– The city has areas like Stark Tower, Times Square, and the Statue of Liberty
– More activities and variety in the hub world
– New York will get “dusted” over the course of the game
– Players will be able to help reconstruct the city

Demo level in Stark Tower

– Captain America and Tony Stark are working through different deadly traps that stand in the way of an Iron Man suit upgrade
– Captain America can swing his shield at enemies and throw it into special wall indentations to use as a stepping-stone to higher levels
– Shield can also be used to complete electronic circuits
– The two pass through a series of lasers
– Captain America redirects a beam and destroys it
– Stark can hack computers and electronic devices including a radio-controlled helicopter
– One portion of the demo features the nine revealed characters in a big room together
– Each has their own way of standing and idle animation
– Iron Man: stands wide, hands on his hips
– Captain America: grim and stoic appearance

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