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Forager “Combat” and “Appreciation” updates expected on Switch in the near future

Posted on October 20, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Forger has had a couple of big patches over the past few months. Specifically, the “Combat” and “Appreciate” updates add new areas, modes, features and more. Neither of these have been on Switch yet, but they’ll be released in due time.

Developer HopFrog said on Twitter this week that console updates are handled by another team. That being said, the “Combat” and “Appreciation” patches should be hitting “soon”.

Below are the full details on both:

Combat Update

New Content and Features:

  • New Biome/Dungeon: The Void.
    New procedural endless world players can travel to late in the game. You must defeat all enemies before the time runs out, or you will be teleported out! Defeating all the enemies in time will allow you to continue to the next level of the Void. Each time you progress, enemies will become stronger and more diverse, but your rewards will increase as well!
  • New Game Mode: Hard Mode.
    Hard Mode is available directly from the main menu when creating new savefiles, and it allows you to play Forager in a MUCH more difficult setting. All enemies are stronger and will attack your base, new enemies will also appear at night, and resource costs are increased!
  • New Gear and Item Tiers: Void and Cosmic.
    Two new and powerful tiers of gear that offer higher stats and new abilities, crafted from materials gained from content added in this update.
  • Improved Combat Difficulty.
    All enemies have increased stats, and some of them have improved AI and new combat moves! ALL Bossfights are also more difficult now!
  • New Enemies and Bosses.
    Face off against powerful new foes!
  • Pets.
    Unlock your own personal pet through the new Pet skill in the Foraging branch!
  • Starfalls.
    Legends say during the darkest nights, stars will randomly fall from the sky and Foragers everywhere are free to mine them for goodies!
  • Railroads.
    Go deep into the Industry branch of skills to unlock Railroads and Locomotives! These contraptions will allow you to move quickly through your giant base!
  • Boss-Summoning Sigils.
    Fight new powerful late-game bosses by summoning them on your base! You will be able to fully create and customize an arena to give you an advantage over them!
  • New Secret NPC.
    There is a new secret trader NPC that only spawns at night and will sell rare items!
  • Skill Grid Rework.
    A lot of the boring/useless skills have been reworked or removed, and new ones have been added!
  • Game Balance/Pacing Rework.
    Improved pacing and difficulty! Finally! Players won’t be able to unlock overpowered skills and gear TOO early anymore, making the pacing smoother and gameplay longer!
  • New Inventory Menu.
    New design and new features! Sort items manually, Send items to Vaults automatically, Add/Remove items from your Toolbar and full item descriptions!
  • New Crafting Menu.
    New design and new features! Infinite crafting, Pinned recipes and full item descriptions!
  • Vault Locking.
    You are now able to lock slots on Vaults to make sure only the specified item goes in it!
  • 100 New Items!
  • A TON of Bugfixes!

Appreciation Update

Features / Quality of Life

  • New Game Modes (Single Island Challenge in which you need to get all Tools to win and Speedrun Mode in which you need to get all Feats to win, with more to come in future updates!)
  • New Carpentry Station building with 10 new decorative items!
  • New Weather system with new visual effects. In the near future this will also contain gameplay modifiers! (There will soon be an option to turn this off for people having issues with old PCs)
  • Improved Sunrise/Sunsets
  • A TON of new ingame options!
  • Some new secret options…
  • Improves crash-proof saving. Losing savefiles to random crashes or computer shutdowns should be much rarer now!
  • Removes buffs from shrines if they cannot be used / assist the player
  • Disables cosmetic items being automatically equipped visually
  • Nerfs Fairy Aura healing effects
  • Increases enemy and boss max HP
  • Adds a button to auto-sort the inventory
  • Updates in-game roadmap
Bug Fixes / Stability
  • Fixes an issue where the “Tool Collector” feat would misfire
  • Removes a crash related to using a controller on upgraded vaults
  • Prevents an issue where opening a treasure chest before skill requirements are met can prevent players from 100% completing the game
  • Stops the bow from firing if a different tool is selected
  • Allows for enemy’s coin drops to be influenced by amulets and lighthouses
  • Ensures that steam achievements are unlocked when feats are completed
  • Fixes various localization issues / typos
  • Optimizes placing buildings late game (fixing an issue where building new structures late game would temporarily freeze the game)
  • Fixes an issue where sorting your inventory made items vanish (try sorting your inventory again now, the items should reappear)
  • Old saves now have carpentry station unlocked
  • Fixes a crash when opening vaults
  • Fixes a bug where starting in Classic mode unlocks the Addicted feat
  • Removes the rain sound from stacking multiple times
  • Stops beds and other new items from being used in the inventory
  • Resolves an issue where destroying a gate doesn’t return the item
  • Ensures that roads are removed from the inventory when using them
  • Restores the 3rd row for vaults
  • Fixes issues with new items in the market
  • Stops torchbugs from instantly despawning
  • Shrinks the hitbox on the Carpentry Station to better represent its size
  • Prevents the mouse from falling behind certain menus
  • Stops you from placing roads on tiles that already have roads
  • Roads can no longer be placed on bridges
  • Fixes an issue where placing a fence on top of yourself messes up neighbor fences
  • New items can no longer be placed on water
  • Fixes an issue where the flower pot is invisible when dropped on the ground
  • Untoggles single click attacks when swapping items
  • Adds audio to hitting beds
  • Makes lights glow properly during the sunrise
  • Corrects the timing of music
  • You can’t destroy tiles that are occupied by a familiar / drone
  • Changing some settings with a controller can crash the game
  • Controller does not work on the gamemode selection menu
  • Destroying land underneath roads does not destroy the road
  • You can get yourself stuck by buying an island on top of you
  • Using excavator on shrines can put digging spots on top of roads
  • Placing a fence can crash the game when you have too many fences
  • Having structure costs split between vault and inventory will only consume items from the inventory
  • Placing the mouse between two buttons in the rebind screen generates noise
  • The new artifact screen is slightly rotated
  • You can get stuck sleeping
  • Skeletons and demons don’t spawn in the single island challenge
  • Drinking the mandragora potion can make structures disappear
  • Carpentry table isn’t listed in skill description
  • Opening the skills menu while in bed will bug the player position
  • Single Island Challenge can’t be completed
  • Secret rooms feat won’t trigger
  • Camera does not zoom out in buy / build mode
  • You can exploit death to replenish energy
  • You can revert a sacrifice by re-entering your save
  • Inconsistencies while saving / reverting altar usage in skull maze (after exiting the game)
  • Can’t save the options of a save file while in dungeons


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