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Gods Will Fall receives Valley of the Dormant Gods Part 1 DLC

Posted on May 23, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Gods Will Fall

Deep Silver and Clever Beans issued the first piece of DLC for Gods Will Fall this week. Valley of the Dormant Gods Part 1 features a new realm, the Brawler class, three new items, three new skills, and the Warriors’ Garb.

Here’s further information about the DLC:

Yaltogguth The God of Eyes

Just when you thought you were victorious, another God has awoken. Yaltogguth has had his eye on you for a while and he will see your heroic saga come to a tragic end!

It’s time to prove him wrong and throw him off that towering throne, down into the endless icy abyss of his realm.

See you later God of Eyes!

A New Realm Awaits

A mountainous new realm to explore, with new vassals, and a terrifying new god to defeat – Yaltogguth, the God of Eyes.

A Deadly New Weapon Class

The Brawler, equipped with lethal gauntlets.

Three New Items

Blood Moss, Bone Quake and War Paint.

Three New Skills

Agile Warrior, Momentum of War and Parry Master.

Warriors’ Garb

New clothing items for your clan as they enter the fray.

View a trailer for Valley of the Dormant Gods Part 1 DLC below.

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