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Grezzo seems to be working on Miitopia for Switch

Posted on February 20, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Nintendo has ported quite a few of its previous games to Switch, but not many probably would have predicted that Miitopia would get a second shot on the system. Yet earlier this week, it was announced that the 3DS title is returning on the Big N’s current console. Although it’s largely the same RPG as it was on 3DS, the Switch version will have some additional elements like makeup and wigs for Mii customization.

What might be even more interesting about Miitopia on Switch is the developer behind it. Apparently, the porting task has been given to Grezzo. That’s according to the official UK website, which credits the studio alongside Nintendo.

Grezzo is no stranger to working on ports, remasters, and remakes for Nintendo. The company’s previous projects include Zelda: Link’s Awakening on Switch, Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and Majora’s Mask 3D, and Luigi’s Mansion on 3DS.

We discovered last week that Grezzo is hiring for a “medieval” and “stylish” project. Miitopia for Switch should be close to completion (if it’s not already finished), so the job listings should be for a different title.

Thanks to Jes T for the tip.

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