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How to get Beech Lumber in Fae Farm

Posted on September 16, 2023 by in Guides, Switch

Fae Farm Beech Lumber

In this guide for Fae Farm we’ll tell you how to get Beech Lumber, which you’ll need to craft a lot of different decorations in the game.

What is Beech Lumber?

Beech Lumber is a Raw Material-type item. The Almanac describes it simply as “A stack of beech lumber.”

Fae Farm Beech Lumber

Fae Farm how to get Beech Lumber

As for how to get Beech Lumber in Fae Farm, you will first need to craft a Lumber Station. This needs 15 Beech Log, 2 Stone Bricks, and 1 Copper Ingot.

Beech Logs are acquired from chopping down the smaller, lighter-colored trees and logs with your Axe tool. You can do this from the beginning of the game and won’t need to upgrade the Axe, but will be able to harvest high quantities with less energy the more you upgrade it. You can find these trees at your Homestead and also at Hazy Haven.

Fae Farm Beech Lumber

Stone Brick can be crafted at a Stone Forge, and require 10 Stone and 2 Coal to craft. You can find both of these materials in Saltwater Mines and later dungeons, and will also need to gather 25 Stone and 10 Coal to make the Stone Forge first.

Refer here (link) to our guide on how to acquire Copper Ore in the game so that you can make Copper Ingot.

Once you have a Lumber Station, you will need to acquire 10 Beech Log to make one stack of Beech Lumber.

Beech Lumber uses

Beech Lumber is used as crafting material in a variety of different decor items that you can make in the game, and is something you will need a lot of if you want to make more than the bare essentials.

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