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Kamiya announces Wonderful 101 soundtrack launching September 15

Posted on September 9, 2014 by (@KiraraKoneko) in General Nintendo, News

With the one year anniversary of The Wonderful 101 upon us, director Kamiya has just announced via the Platinum Games blog that they will be releasing a total of 127 tracks via iTunes on September 15.
They will release in two volumes costing $9.99 a piece or you can purchase individulal tracks for $.99
Here are some comments about the soundtrack from Kamiya;

“The sound quality is a step up from the music in the game itself, so even those of you who spent hours in the Sound Test are in for a treat. The theme song for the game, “The Won-Stoppable Wonderful 100”, has also been remastered. The game version of the track was edited to loop endlessly, so we got Hiroshi (lead BGM composer) to go back and give the song a fitting conclusion. The soundtrack is the only place you’ll find this version.”

“To give you some background on the music direction from my perspective as director, I began by explaining to Hiroshi that I wanted to use an orchestral style to capture the feeling of an epic battle. I imagine the initial impression many people have of the game is a bunch of cute characters frolicking around a colorful world. However, my plan from the start was to create a unique feel by having this light-hearted world juxtaposed with the daunting threat of a massive alien invasion. To do this heroic ballad justice, we needed an equally grand orchestra. A cute exterior with an epic and dark heart; you could almost call the game “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Of course, having this ferocity extend to the game’s difficulty may have deviated a bit from the plan…”


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