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Knight vs Giant: The Broken Excalibur update out now (version 1.0.1), patch notes

Posted on October 16, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Knight vs Giant: The Broken Excalibur update 1.0.1

Knight vs Giant: The Broken Excalibur got its first update on Switch, and version 1.0.1 is live.

Balance adjustments are here for enemy difficulty, player attack power, and bosses. Plus memory and file size has been reduced, loading times have been cut down, and more.

Here’s the full rundown:

Knight vs Giant: The Broken Excalibur update version 1.0.1 patch notes

Gameplay changes

  • The opening warning message has been removed


  • Rebalanced enemy difficulty
  • Rebalanced player attack power
  • Rebalanced boss attack patterns and power


  • Optimized textures and video to reduce memory and game filesize 
  • Improved game performance and loading times
  • Polished some dungeon rooms and removed unimportant props
  • Reset the Unity particle system to improve memory performance
  • Improved the UI system and performance
  • Reduced lag after moving to new area
  • Improved graphics resolution for game title

Bug fixes

  • Fixed castle texture setting to prevent blurry image
  • Fixed button images not dynamically changing alongside keybinding
  • Fixed skills/blessing localization issues
  • Fixed a bug where an enemy could not be killed
  • Fixed crashing when using Lancelot skills on the final boss
  • Fixed skill effects and damage
  • Fixed a bug where input could sometimes not be changed

All players on Switch can download the Knight vs Giant: The Broken Excalibur version 1.0.1 update now.


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