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Latest on Little Dragon’s Cafe covers the prologue, story, characters

Posted on May 17, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

A new batch of coverage has come in for Little Dragon’s Cafe. Today, we have details primarily pertaining to the prologue, story, and characters. Find everything rounded up below, courtesy of Gematsu


– In the outskirts of the continent, there was an island connected by a small bridge
– It was home to a certain small cafe, well known for its delicious meals, and as a place where weary guests were able to rest
– It was said to be a wonderful place for passerby travelers to refresh and relax
– The mother who cooked there, and her twin children with who helped spent their days peacefully surrounded by the smiles of their guests
– Something randomly happens one day
– The mother wouldn’t wake up due to an unknown reason
– Amidst the confusion of the twins, a strange old man appeared all of a sudden before them
– Man says the mother is half-human, half-dragon
– The old man somehow produced a dragon egg from within a shining light
– He says it’s a special dragon egg, and helping it hatch is up to the twins
– The dragon born from the egg said to be the key to saving their mother’s life
– The twins could not quite believe what he said, but it was the only thing they could do but to listen
– Convinced by the old man, the first thing they do is prepare a meal and when they are eating, the egg began to crack
– This is how the adorable dragon who would be key to the story was born
– And so began the daily struggles of the twin brother and sister who could do nearly nothing by themselves in order to save their mother
– Cook various foods and feed them to the dragon, and it will grow into a fine dragon


– A heart-warming story told in the cafe of a fantasy world
– Many customers of the cafe have troubles and secrets that they cannot be open about to anyone
– Very unique customers who may be hard to deal with
– As they spend their days at the cafe, their hearts will gradually open
– Your cooking is the key to their troubles and secrets
– Solve their troubles with delicious food

Protagonist (Male)

– The twin brother
– If you choose the sister as the protagonist, the brother will work at the cafe as a helper

Protagonist (Female)

– The twin sister
– If you choose the brother as the protagonist, the sister will work at the cafe as a helper


– A dragon that hatched from an egg given to you by the old man
– He lives with you at the cafe, where you will raise him
– He will grow significantly as you progress through the story, and help the out in various situations during your adventure

The Mother

– The twins’ mother and cafe manager
– Half-dragon
– It is said she has has a shorter life span than a regular human, but the details are unknown
– Twins are running the cafe in her place after she suddenly falls into a deep sleep

Old Man

– A mysterious old man who is worried about the mother’s short life span and brings the twins a dragon egg
– He looks strange, but has a kind side that looks after the twins wherever possible
– He seems to know the secret of the dragon


– Left home longing to become a musician
– He is a no-good young man who half-heartedly goes about each day
– Visits the twins’ cafe starving, and tries to run off without paying for his food
– For some reason becomes fond of the dragon and ends up working there as a live-in employee


– A woman who dreams of opening her own cafe one day
– She helps out the twins in order to gain the experience of working at a cafe
– Kind and strong
– Reliable, but also easily angered
– That anger occasionally gets out of hand

The Beginning

– The small cafe known as the “Little Dragons Cafe” is located on an isolated island in the outskirts of the continent
– In order to wake up the twins’ mother, and to make the cafe into a bigger and beloved establishment, solve the customers’ troubles while looking for delicious recipes and ingredients together with the dragon that is key to the story

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