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Little Dragons Café

Little Dragons Cafe

Aksys Games has published the fourth making of video for Little Dragons Cafe. In the video below, creator Yasuhiro Wada provides an in-depth look at his outlook on life and experiences.

Aksys Games has published the third making of video for Little Dragons Cafe. In the video below, creator Yasuhiro Wada offers an in-depth look at the characters in the game and how we can relate to them in our world.

To celebrate the launch of Little Dragons Cafe, Aksys Games published a new “Raise your Dragon” trailer. Watch it below.

Little Dragons Cafe

Continuing from last week’s episode of the making of Little Dragons Café, Aksys Games has uploaded a new video sharing more from their interview with Yasuhiro Wada and Tomio Kanazawa. Get a behind the scenes look of the game in episode 2 below.

Aksys Games readied the latest trailer for Little Dragons Cafe that shows off the scope of the game’s world. Watch it below.

Little Dragons Cafe

Little Dragons Cafe launches in North America less than two weeks from now. As for Europe, the release will be taking place about a month later.

Aksys Games will be handling Little Dragons Cafe’s launch in North America, where the game is set for August 28. Rising Star Games confirmed that in Europe, it’s due out on September 21.


Aksys Games has uploaded two new videos for Little Dragons Cafe. Posted below, we have a trailer focusing on the cafe management part of the game plus the first making of video.

Nintendo World Report has posted a video showing the first 30 minutes from Little Dragons Cafe. Watch the footage below.

Little Dragons Cafe

Marvelous, the publisher for Little Dragons Cafe in Japan, has prepared a new trailer for the game. We’ve included the video below.

Rising Star Games has shared the official European boxart for Little Dragons Cafe. We have the packaging image shown above.

It seems that the design will be similar to the Japanese version, as opposed to the North American release. Here’s a look at what we’re getting stateside:

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