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[Let’s Talk] What are you playing? – January 2018

Posted on January 20, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk

2018 just kicked off a few weeks ago, and January rolled right on in. With that in mind, we want to know what you’ve been playing.

It’s been a bit light on tentpole releases as of late, but now’s the perfect time to catch up on some games you missed. Notable indie games also continue to hit the eShop, such as Darkest Dungeon this week. No matter what you’re playing, let us know in the comments below!

Highlights from last week’s topic: Nintendo Direct Mini January 2018 reactions


I really enjoyed it. It was like a small appetizer, and of course I fully expect a full direct at some point. Until then I’m happy


Personally, I was busy with other stuff in real life and only noticed the super hype an hour or so before the article put up here on flaming Chibi Robo. When I took a look around, I was seeing people demanding Smash 4 Switch, Pokemon, Metroid Prime… just all the big stuff. I think they waaaay over hyped themselves as Nintendo usually saves those for later in the year. Last’s year’s January event was an exception because the Switch needed the push so that we could get past the Wii U’s struggles. Now then as for what we did get in this direct, how was it? Better than I expected. Keep in mind that for this Direct, we should have been expecting only what’s coming in the near future. All we really needed was to get the year started before throwing out the big guns at other events like E3.

We got surprise reveals of fan favorite games making their way over to the Switch in the form of Dark Souls and TWEWY and in the Wii U ports of Hyrule Warriors and DK Tropical Freeze. In the case of the Wii U ports, I glad more people will now get to experience these games for the first time since it seems not enough people got to. Those that already played them on Wii U obviously don’t need to get them again, these are for the guys getting back into Nintendo systems to show what they missed out on. In the case of Hyrule Warriors, I MAY jump in for a third time just because of how much I enjoy playing that game; I personally wish they would have added a new character or two like Groose.

We also got surprises in newer games coming over from the recent Ys VIII to brand new never before seen Mario Tennis and SNK Heroines. I’ll take these new game reveals. They look great. I give a big thumbs up.

Probably my biggest surprise from the direct was Kirby Star Allies. March. It’s coming in March. What a way to get the year going. I can now start getting excited for this game because I know when it’s coming. ALL ABOARD THE HYPE FRIEND TRAIN!!!

So there’s my thoughts. We saw some great old games getting new life, some brand new stuff and even updates on what will be happening with other games like Odyssey and Rabbids. We got the year started. We have stuff to look forward to. The only disappointment I have is two things in particular that we didn’t hear about: the Switch’s Online plans and any updates for the Switch’s OS to make things better or more customization. But for what we got, I’m satisfied.

Crimson Hat

Kirby Star Allies looks as fantastic as I expect and the Odyssey DLC is a bit light but a nice surprise. The port of Tropical Freeze, a game I passed on, (Not really a fan of the series extreme difficulty) with a “Funky New Mode” that is just a fancy looking easy mode sounds worth picking up this time. Mario Tennis Aces looks nice as well but I’m gonna need to see more about it. Nothing else interested me.


I was very happy with this Direct. YS VIII, TWEWY, and Dark Souls Remaster were great surprises. Hyrule Warriors, Kirby (which was announced before, but we got a few more details here), and Mario Tennis are all things that I am also looking forward to. Overall, I was quite happy with the Mini Direct.

With that being said though I am hoping we get a Spring Direct that details some newer content for this year. While I am in the camp that does not expect Pokemon and Metroid this year. I do believe a new Animal Crossing, a new Smash or at worst a Smash 4 port (with Wii U + 3DS levels combined and some additional features), and perhaps some other titles from some first/second party studios we have not heard from in a while (Retro Studios being a prime candidate here) should be scheduled for release this year. Ideally, one of these bigger games should scheduled for late spring – early summer, one for late summer – early fall, one for late fall – winter.


Mostly curious as to whether this will follow the pattern and have a big Direct at the end of the month.

I was disappointed in the lack of new new content but not upset with what we got. Hyrule Warriors was something I never picked up and I have an intense love for TWEWY and Dark Souls. Kirby and Mario Tennis will definitely be fun too.

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