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[Let’s Talk] What are you playing? – May 2018

Posted on May 5, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk

This past week, a new month rolled right on in. Now that we’re in May, we want to know what you’ve been playing.

Have you started up something entirely new for the month? Are you playing through the new Switch version of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze? No matter the case, let us know in the comments below.

Highlights from last week’s topic: Pokemon Switch hopes and dreams


Where to begin…

-An actual hard mode. Maybe boost up trainer levels and their AI. Heck, even change up their teams too, why not?

-Legendaries distributed shouldn’t just be given to us imo. Make actual dungeons so they feel worth getting. Also STOP DOING THAT GAMESTOP ONLY CRAP!! I hate that! This franchise makes them a ton of money so I strongly believe they can spend some time to make better content.

-A legit post game would be nice and also an area like Battle Frontier or the place in Black/White 2.

-Making it easier to trade and battle online obviously. You can do it guys!

-Better utilization of “HM” moves in the overworld. Make the puzzles more challenging and dungeon design more aw-inspiring. If a kid can’t solve it, they can just look it up or maybe, just maybe try to figure it out.

-Make the world as seamless as possible. The game doesn’t need to be super detailed. Xenoblade X did well with that so why can’t Pokemon?

-Balance out the monsters more and update the game every now and then. I’m sure some people would like that.

That’s enough out of me.

Mário Sobral

I just hope a main history game not for kids only. I need a game mode for expert players , with an history in hard mode for example. The last 4 games the history is very easy and boring… I play all of them, but only for start the competitive battles…. Would be nice a nice history with competitive battles since start.
I just hope an world free game like Zelda! No more new games each year, but new regions with DLCS! No more breeding each new game because regions mark… I would like play with all my pokemon breeded in the first game.
Grafical art like Naruto storm would be very nice too.
We need an spectator mode, for watching competitive battles on TV by another console, without show the moveset… everyone will be able to watch the batthe from own console!


Dude, here’s what I think:
– The Italian leaks are spot on.
– The new region is based on Australia (the devs even said in an interview once that a region based on Australia was a possibility.)
– The game is entering the final stages of development. Nintendo could release it this year if they wanted. If they push it back to 2019, it won’t be because they couldn’t finish the game in time, but because of other games on their release schedule. That’s why it’s still listed as 2018/2019, because they are still deciding. I really want a December 2018 release, though.
– It will feature an updated battle system with real time elements where different moves are assigned to the A,B,X,Y buttons, (but hopefully, there were be an option for turn based battles for those of us who are more traditionally minded.)
– Yes, there will be two different versions.
– The protagonist is originally from the Unova region and flies to the “new region”, much like how the Sun/Moon protagonist is originally from Kanto (that’s why the Italian infographic shows an American flag with a plane beside it flying to the new region.)
– The game will feature open world elements too, but won’t be anywhere NEAR Breath of the Wild levels.
– There will be two new “Eevee-lutions.”
– And lastly, the graphics will certainly be impressive, but nothing mind blowing. It will look like an upgraded version of Ultra Sun/ Ultra Moon.
I know those aren’t really “hopes” in so much as they are “predictions”, but that’s what I’ve got to say about the upcoming Pokemon game(s) for Switch.


My Hopes:
– Full Camera Control
– Stable Framerates
– A Great Story (like BW and SM)
– Great Characters
– Lots of Areas to Explore
– 2019 Release
– Colourful and Vibrant Region
– A Good Post Game
– Takes Advantage of the Switch’s Unique Functionalities

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