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[Let’s Talk] Where should Xenoblade go from here?

Posted on August 26, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk, Switch

Lets Talk Xenoblade future

One of the news topics circulating this week is Xenoblade Chronicles series director Tetsuya Takahashi saying that if there’s another entry in the franchise, it would probably be pretty different. In a way that seems like something obvious to mention, but it’s also an interesting point of discussion.

There are many similarities across the Xenoblade games, but plenty of differences as well. Perhaps the most unique of the bunch was Xenoblade Chronicles X, which put a focus more on quests and less of a story plus rideable mechs. For the most part though, the series has been about exploring big worlds, getting wrapped up in the world and story (unless you want to discount X), appreciating the music, and taking on enemies in the real-time action-based battle system.

Having said that, where should Xenoblade go from here? What would you like to see in a theoretical new game? Let us know in the comments.

Highlights from the previous topic: August 2023 Pokemon Presents reactions


These Pokemon Presents really aren’t worth watching unless there is more significant announcements. Like I wasn’t expecting much if anything, but it just seems like such a waste when the biggest highlights could’ve just been individual trailers on their YT channel without the Presents to….present them first. Though I know some that would fight tooth and nail that my expectations were still “too high.” Like just save these Presents when there are more significant things to announce.


I personally really enjoyed the Pokemon Presents. It was a fun time and had a lot of interesting news! I’m looking forward to the DLC for Scarlet and Violet!

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