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Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD tech analysis, including frame rate and resolution

Posted on June 25, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD frame rate resolution

A few technical tidbits for Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD are available, including frame rate and resolution. Digital Foundry published a new analysis a short while ago delving more into the new version of the 3DS game. While at first glance it may seem straightforward, there was more done to the graphics than you might have original expected.

Here’s the full rundown of tidbits:

– Graphics updates in various areas
– Opening shows smoothed out clouds
– Big boost in polygon count on Switch
– Lighting and textures reworked
– Higher resolution shadows
– More robust shadow solution overall
– Higher resolution textures
– Textures have more nuance
– Retains original look with improvements
– Resolution is native 1080p when docked
– 720p resolution in portable mode
– Impressive anti-aliasing used
– 3DS original has an uncapped frame rate, which is unstable but around 30 FPS
– 30 FPS locked on Switch
– FPS is flawless on Switch
– Smoother frame pacing on Switch
– No surround sound support in the new Switch version

Check out the full video below for more on the frame rate, resolution, and other aspects in Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD launches for Switch worldwide on June 27, 2024. For further information about the game, visit our page here.

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