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Mario Kart’s new courses revealed, Fire Emblem Engage and Switch Sports golf details, and more | Nintendo Everything Refresh Ep. 034

Posted on November 30, 2022 by in Podcast, Switch

How many Rainbow Road courses can a single Mario Kart game have?! (Not that we’re complaining!) In this week’s episode of Nintendo Everything Refresh, join your hosts Nick, Nicolas and Dennis as we discuss the new tracks hitting Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in Wave 3 of its Booster Course pack next week. We’ll also discuss the impending release of Switch Sports golf, new Fire Emblem Engage details, a tease from Mr. Sakurai about a potential Kid Icarus Uprising port, and much much more!

Also: we’re doing another giveaway! This week we’re giving away five copies of Front Mission 1st: Remake, the Switch-exclusive remake of the original Front Mission game! To enter, just head over to the YouTube version of this episode and leave a comment with the word “STRATEGY” in it to enter, as well as your Twitter handle. We will select winners on Sunday, Dec. 4 and announce them on the next episode of the podcast! Winners will have codes DM’ed to them via Twitter, so keep an eye out! (You can also enter a second giveaway for this game over on our Twitter page.) Thanks to Forever Entertainment for providing the codes for this giveaway!

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Direct downloads are also available for free through our friends at ListenNotes. Have ideas or suggestions for the show, or want to submit a fan question or topic for a future episode? Let us know what you think – and thanks for listening! (We apologize for the audio issues in this week’s episode – we’ll try and do better next week!)

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Episode Segments:
(00:00) | Intro
(02:56) | Giveaway!
(06:43) | Wave 3 for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
(13:45) | Switch Sports Golf update is here!
(19:20) | Fire Emblem Engage new trailer
(29:53) | Sakurai teases a Kid Icarus Uprising port
(36:59) | Surprise – Pokemon sells a crap ton of games despite issues
(47:27) | Microsoft applauds Nintendo for “Mature” games
(51:53) | Dragon Quest Treasures
(54:44) | The Outbound Ghost
(57:17) | This Week’s Recent Releases
(01:06:25) | What have we been playing?

Nick Serpa: @ndserpa
Nicolas Shadday: @Dayshade1999
Dennis Gagliardotto: @LyonHart_
Luiz Estrella: @Luizestrella_

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