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pokemon go secrets of the jungle

Pokemon GO is promoting the film Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle with a special event. Today, Niantic detailed its upcoming plans.

During the event, the Rogue Monkey Pokemon Zarude will be appearing in Pokemon GO for the first time, and it can be countered by finishing limited-time Special Research. Other activities are planned as well.

minecraft update 1.17.30

Minecraft has been updated to version 1.17.30. It comes with the “Respawn Blocks Explode” game rule, Caves & Cliffs: Part II, tons of fixes, and more.

Below are the full patch notes:

Stephen Critchlow

We’re sad to report that British actor Stephen Critchlow has passed away. He died at the age of 54.

Critchlow had a number of roles spread across television, theater, and voice acting. He has a strong connection to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 having voiced Bana in the 2017 Switch RPG. Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, Dragon Quest Heroes, and the Killzone series were among the other titles Critchlow worked on.

Dandy Ace Switch release date

Dandy Ace is just a few days away on Switch, as publisher Neowiz and developer Mad Mimic shared a final release date today. You’ll be able to pick up the game on September 28.

As a reminder, Dandy Ace is a magical action RPG with roguelite elements. The main game mechanic involves cards, as what Ace has up his sleeve can impact the combination and powers of the skills depending on the equipped order. There’ll be a different selection each time Ace journeys into the Cursed Mirror, trapped there by the evil Green-Eyed Magician Lele.


Evertried has popped up on the eShop with a final release date. The tactical rogue-lite game will launch for Switch on October 21, according to the store page.

Evertried was first confirmed for Switch back in June. It was then announced a month later that Dangen Entertainment had picked up the project for publishing.

For more on Evertried, check out the following overview:

dragon ball z kakarot new power awakens set

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot + A New Power Awakens Set still has a few more days to go until release, but Bandai Namco and CyberConnect2 just published a new launch trailer.

For those that need a refresher on the game, check out the following overview:

Street Outlaws 2 trailer

GameMill has readied a new trailer for Street Outlaws 2: Winner Takes All, its new racer for Switch. The game launches today.

Here’s an overview of the title:

nintendo blockbuster sale

Nintendo is teasing a new Blockbuster Sale that will soon be going live on the European Switch eShop. Both first-party and third-party titles will be included, and fans can save up to 75 percent.

From Nintendo, Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and Splatoon 2 are among the discounts. Third-parties are throwing in The Witcher 3, Sonic Mania, Persona 5 Strikers, and more.

Here’s a look at some of the included games:


Pokemon Unite Galactic Ghost 094 Unite Squads

Pokemon Unite is celebrating its release on mobile tomorrow with new content and features, including the Galactic Ghost 094 Battle Pass and Unite squads. Switch players will be able to access all of the new additions as well.

The Galactic Ghost 094 battle pass begins on September 22 with space-themed items. By competing in daily and weekly missions, you can raise your battle pass level and earn rewards. Those who purchase the premium pass will have the opportunity to earn more rewards.

Lil Gator Game

Yooka-Laylee developer Playtonic today confirmed its next publishing partnership, as the company announced today that it’s teaming up with MegaWobble on the 3D adventure title Lil Gator Game. It will be brought to Switch under the Playtonic Friends line.

Today’s announcement notes that Lil Gator Game “is built around the idea of uninterrupted exploration and child-like whimsy with a story not about noble heroes who changed the world or of wicked anti-heroes who learn the error of their ways but of heroes who learn to be better friends without ever losing their heart of gold.” The project “focuses on a wholesome, enjoyable experience built around the very concepts of friendship and helping each other.”