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Mega Man 11 details

Posted on December 5, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Yesterday’s Mega Man 30th anniversary celebration was jam-packed with news about the series. It was topped off by the reveal of Mega Man 11, a new entry that fans have long been waiting for.

Game Informer managed to go hands-on with the title and shared a bunch of information in its latest issue. We’ve rounded up some of the more important points below.

– New gameplay mechanic will impact Mega Man’s moment-to-moment action
– Little gear icons under Mega Man’s health plays into this
– Game Informer can’t talk about the feature just yet
– Slide move returns
– Oda understands the importance of controls, and that’s a focus for the game
– Changing the difficulty does more than change the health and damage output
– Extra platforms for platforming, less space between checkpoints, other support systems on easier difficulties
– Normal difficulty is intended to be a traditional Mega Man experience
– Pick the order in which you tackle the Robot Masters similar to past entries
– First Robot Master Game Informer found looks like he’s made of brick or stone
– Original Japanese name was Renga Man (Brick Man), but his character’s name has been changed
– Team wanted to go back to the original plot in which Mega Man fights against former allies
– This Robot Master’s stage has an Ancient Egypt theme
– Giant pyramids in the background
– Robot Master’s image can somtimes be seen on the side of the rock face
– Old excavation equipment shown on the giant mining site
– Area was modeled off destruction
– This means things being destroyed in front of you and destroying things yourself
– Capcom designed the pyramid level first
– Capcom believes this level will be the easiest to finish
– The sun will set in this stage, which may hint that levels evolve as you work through them
– Defeat the boss and you’ll get the ability to create blocks that fall out of the sky
– The ability is very useful against a specific Robot Master and some of his minions
– Capcom put a lot of thought into the relationship between the weapons and the Robot Masters that are weak against them
– Another level with a construction theme
– Boss here is hibernating underground
– Go through the huge construction site to reach him
– Level was inspired by real-life construction at Capcom during Mega Man 11’s conception phase
– Stage has creaking girders and conveyor belts
– Picket Man and Mets can be found here
– New and old enemies in the game
– 30% are fan favorites
– Midboss is a massive excavator driven by a Met
– The boss moves forward with spin attacks and fires construction cones like heat-seeking missiles
– Mega Man has to jump into the air and attack the driver’s cabin
– Can use the falling blocks ability by charging up to create a larger cascade of blocks
– Get a powerful physical attack that transforms Mega Man’s fist into a jackhammer spike by defeating the boss
– The attack can be devestating, and Capcom thinks players will find the mid-air dash attack useful in platforming
– Capcom is trying to design multiple uses into all Robot Master weapons
– Can use the right analog stick to hot-swap between weapons
– Producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya has been saying since the beginning that Mega Man has to be a true resurrection of the franchise

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