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Mega Man 11

Mega Man 11 TGS 2018 trailer

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Capcom released a brand new Mega Man 11 for this year’s Tokyo Game Show. You can get a look at the video below.

Mega Man 11 reveals Tundra Man

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Capcom uploaded a new trailer for Mega Man 11 today showing a new Robot Master. Get a first look at Tundra Man below.

Mega Man as a series has not been known as a “casual” experience. The levels require patience and the robot masters require learning. This all changed when the latest Mega Man Legacy collections added accessibility with a rewind feature. Fortunately, Mega Man 11 follows suit and upgrades itself with difficulty options that will help newcomers and casuals alike. Come take a look at what the changes mean for you.

IGN has posted a pair of Mega Man 11 videos showcasing the Impact Man and Blast Man stages. Check out footage of both below.

A demo of Mega Man 11 is now available on the Nintendo eShop and Capcom has released a new trailer highlighting what fans can expect from it — as well as footage of the new Robot Master, Bounce Man. Check out the video below.

Capcom has confirmed a demo for Mega Man 11, and it’s arriving very soon. Fans can look for the download on the eShop… right now.

Here’s what the demo contains:

Earlier tonight, new update data for Mega Man 11 popped up on Nintendo’s servers. Of course, the game still has several weeks to go before release. Some are speculating that Capcom may choose to share a demo following tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct.

The data does come with some interesting information. After looking through the file, names of three new Robot Masters have been discovered.

Capcom has introduced the latest Robot Master for Mega Man 11. Impact Man will be in the game, the company announced.

Here’s a lengthy overview for Robot Master:

Mega Man has been seeing a renaissance as of late. There have been a few new collections over the years, but most significantly is the arrival of the brand new Mega Man 11.

According to producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, the goal with Mega Man 11 is to create a new benchmark for Mega Man titles for the next 10 years. He also said the project was possible thanks to “the volume of voices from our gamers.”

As a general Mega Man 11 tidbit, Tsuchiya said Mega Man 11 is built with Capcom’s MT Framework engine.


Yesterday, Mega Man 11 developer Tsuchiya Kazuhiro visited Taiwan to present the title to the Chinese media. When asked about another entry in the Mega Man X series at a press conference, Kazuhiro clarified that there isn’t one in development. He said he can’t say they’re “doing nothing” but a Mega Man X sequel depends on the reception to Mega Man 11.

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