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Melty Blood: Type Lumina reveals free DLC Powered Ciel and Mario Gallo Bestino

Posted on April 10, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Melty Blood: Type Lumina Mario Ciel

Powered Ciel and Mario Gallo Bestino are joining Melty Blood: Type Lumina as free DLC characters next week, it’s been announced. The update is set to arrive on April 14, 2022.

The DLC will also include two new stages with new music: Battle at the Threshold and Actions in the Lower World. That’s along with five color variations and five color palettes for all characters, which can be accessed from “Color Customize” mode.

Below is a bunch of information about Powered Ciel and Mario Gallo Bestino in Melty Blood: Type Lumina, along with trailers:

Powered Ciel

Ciel, outfitted to face the twenty-seven Dead Apostles and enemies in the same class, using the conceptual weapon “Seventh Holy Scripture” broken down into individual causes of death.

She makes constant use of the “Seventh Holy Scripture,” a millennium-class holy relic.
While it drains an enormous amount of magical energy, it is a viable battle style for Ciel, who has the magical power of a hundred magi.

Her main attacks often use weaponry, in the style of “Blaze,” “Blade,” and “Break,” and her heavy armament features both brute force and magical enhancements.

Perhaps due to her specialization in destroying heretics, she is even more cold and unforgiving than usual.

“Powered Ciel” is a new playable character with entirely separate techniques from “Ciel”, as well as a distinct appearance. “Powered Ciel” returns with next-generation animation!

“Powered Ciel” is a high-power type who excels at aggressively pursuing enemies while keeping opponents under pressure with magical lighting attacks, as well as a gun, blade, and pile-driver from the “Seventh Holy Scripture”.

She can switch between the gun, blade, and pile-driver weapons on the fly, producing varied attack combos.

“Powered Ciel” is excellent at a battle style that powers through to victory, using long-range unguardable attacks and attacks with Super Armor alongside varied attacks using the “Seventh Holy Scripture”.

Arc Drive: Seventh Holy Scripture – Four Causes Pilgrimage
This massive Special hits enemies with four separate causes of death, shifting through the elements of the “Seventh Holy Scripture” in sequence. This Special hits at close range, meaning its damage increases massively when used in a combo with gap-closing techniques. It also grants “invincibility” and allows you to ignore enemy attacks when activated, making it an effective counter when on the defensive.

Last Arc: Calvaria Galgalim: Guillotine
An absolutely overwhelming Special that strikes down enemies with Cielʼs ultimate magical technique. Note the fluid animation as “Powered Ciel” moves after activation, and the dynamic effects. Each enemy even has a personal reaction when the attack hits them! This move can only be used at the cost of 4 full Magic Circuit gauges, or will activate under a Blood Heat status after successfully using Shield. Use a Forced Release and turn the tables when an enemy closes the gap with you, or when your life runs low!

Mario Gallo Bestino

A pretty boy with blonde hair and fair skin, Mario tends to dress casually. Although he may not appear so, he holds a position of great responsibility while still in his early teens.

He detests the inept and indolent, and often lashes out verbally, but he is also a compassionate, dutiful person at his core.
His talents in assessing character and abilities, his skillful balancing of hard and soft power, his leadership and ability to use resources to control the game, and his fighting style using a Piano Machine to control nuns like marionettes, have all earned him the nickname “Mario the Puppeteer.”

“Mario” primarily fights by using his “Piano Machine” to control Sisters for offense, alongside his own agility. He excels in medium- to long-range battles, slipping by enemy attacks while using a crowd of Sisters to deliver one-sided beatings to his foes.

Sister attacks can involve the Sisters that stay near “Mario” performing attack moves, or attacks that call various Sisters in from off screen. Playing as “Mario” requires you to choose the optimal attack for the situation, but command inputs for the character are generally just as simple and approachable as for other characters.

Arc Drive: Puppeteer (Doll)
An extremely powerful Special that takes control of “Noel” to attack enemies. Watch for Noelʼs humorous expressions, movements, and spoken lines when the “Piano Machine” takes control! In performance terms, its long reach allows players to incorporate it into combos easily, or use it to finish combos and boost their damage. It also grants invincibility, making it an effective counter when on the defensive and in trouble.

Last Arc: Puppeteer (Human)
This massive Special takes control of a mob of Sisters to attack enemies one after the other in a combo. Watch for the variety of attacks launched by the numerous Sisters, as well as Marioʼs smooth animations and audacious smirk.
This move can only be used at the cost of 4 full Magic Circuit gauges, or will activate under a Blood Heat status after successfully using Shield. Use a Forced Release and try for this Special when you want to get some distance from your enemy, or when your life is running low!

Source: Project Lumina PR

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