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Metal Max Xeno: Reborn details and screenshots – character growth system, skill trees

Posted on May 16, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

Kadokawa Games has provided the latest update on Metal Max Xeno: Reborn. A new batch of details and screenshots have been released, covering the new character growth system and character skill trees.

Here’s the full roundup, courtesy of Gematsu:

New Character Growth System with Five General Skill Trees

– The job system from Metal Max Xeno has been overhauled in Metal Max Xeno: Reborn
– Spend the skill points you obtain by leveling up on skills of your choosing from five general skill trees
– These include “Drive,” “Repair,” “Medical,” “Militia,” and “Survive”
– Skill trees also have several character-specific skills. Freely develop your characters based on party composition and vehicle

Talis, the Lone Hunter

– The protagonist Talis has a mechanical left arm
– His arrival in Dystokio reactivates the gears of fate for the few survivors and the endangered human species in the region
– In addition to a complete “Drive” skill tree, Talis also has a unique skill tree called “Neph-Tech,” which is not available for other characters
– The “Drive” skill tree is dedicated to vehicle driving and operation ability
– Talis has the unique skills “Babel Blast” and “Illusion Drive”
– “Revenge Hellfire” is a skill from the “Neph-Tech” skill tree activated from Talis’ mechanical left arm
– Through technology still unknown to man, his left arm transforms and fires a powerful flame-attribute blow
– “All Cannons Fire,” a skill that can simultaneously fire all weapons equipped to the tank, is the highest rank skill on the “Drive” skill tree
– It is a crucial skill to have in battles against powerful monsters such as Wanted Monsters

Yokky, the Kind-Hearted Mechanic

– Young man who was taken in by the Iron Base as an orphan from an early age
– Under the influence of Jingoro, the engineer who raised him, he developed a natural talent for tinkering with machines
– Fell in love with Toni at first sight, who he saw in the town that was once adjacent to the Iron Base
– Yokky has additional skills centered on the “Repair” skill tree that utilize his talent for tinkering with machines
– The “Repair” skill tree is dedicated to the repair and strengthening of vehicles as an engineer
– Yokky has the unique skills “Damage Repair” and “Wreck Repair”
– “Loosen Up” is an active skill in the “Repair” skill tree that utilizes Yokky’s talent for tinkering with machines to lower the defenses of machine-type monsters
– Use it whenever you come across a group of machine-type monsters

Toni, the Cute Survivor

– A girl who came to Iron Town from her hometown with her father for an unknown reason
– After the invasion of the new-type monsters “SoNs (Sons of NOA),” the haven she had finally procured was lost
– Cute-looking girl with a fiery determination
– Toni has additional skills based on the “Survive” skill tree to assess the survival of both herself and her friends
– “Survive” skill tree is dedicated to survival ability
– This affects exhibited both in battle and on the field
– Toni has the unique skill “Smoke Bomb”
– Even while her party fights to the death, Toni can withstand enemies with “Play Dead” whenever she finds herself in trouble
– This is a basic “Survive” skill that comes out through danger and discord
– Just like actual death, not only does it fool monsters, it may even fool the player if they did were not aware

Dylan, the Gang Leader

– Leader of a gang that terrorized the area around Iron Town
– Dearly misses the friends that he lost, and is not a bad guy at heart
– He swears revenge against the monsters that killed his friends
– Has additional skills based on the “Militia” skill tree, which are both wild and extravagant
– “Militia” skill tree is dedicated to abilities mainly active in human battles
– Has the unique skills “Roar of the Beast” and “Steal”
– Win the battle in a single hit with “Manly Punch!”
– This is an active skill for male characters in the “Militia” skill tree that deals more damage to the enemy by taking additional damage yourself

Maria, the Legendary Soldier

– Sexy woman soldier known as the Immortal Maria
– Has fought in war since she was a child
– Continues to fight to protect an important facility in Dystokio from the the monsters’ attack
– Maria has additional skills centered on the “Militia” skill tree, which are both precise and high-powered
– Has the unique skills “Earth Rumble” and “Human Patriot”
– “Earth Rumble” allows Maria to make the first strike at a further distance than usual
– “Human Patriot” uses Maria’s main weapon to intercept the enemy’s attack

Misaki, the Cool and Beautiful Medic

– Beautiful medic with the appearance of a woman
– Mysterious young man
– Intellectual and gentlemanly, but sometimes comes off as someone who has given up on on hates humanity
– Misaki can learn medical skills based on the “Medical” skill tree unique to a war medic
– “Medical” skill tree is dedicated to medical abilities that are mainly effective in human battle
– Misaki has the unique skill “Bomb Master”
– “Banned Syringe” is a skill that kills bio-type enemies in a single hit
– This skill is perfect for Misaki, who is regularly equipped with medical instruments as weapons

Ittica, the Popular U-Kabuki Girl

– Mysterious survivor you meet midway through the game
– Once a popular U-Kabuki actor
– Mysterious beauty with a tail and of unknown age
– Has numerous additional skills that mimic the unique skills of other characters
– Has a “Militia” skill tree
– Meet certain conditions and Maria’s “Earth Rumble” and Dylan’s “Steal” will appear here, allowing her to mimic their abilities
– By using the “Militia” skill tree’s “Blind Fire” skill, she will randomly unleash several attacks

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