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Metal Max Xeno: Reborn details and screenshots – tank modification, various vehicles

Posted on May 2, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

Kadokawa Games has shared another update on Metal Max Xeno: Reborn. The latest details and screenshots cover tank modification as well as a few vehicles in the game – the Wild Bus, PLT-01, Li’l Squirt, and Wolf.

Here’s the full roundup, courtesy of Gematsu:

1. Light the Flame of the Hunter Spirit!

– The Metal Max series’ signature tank modification has been upgraded
– Freely modify up to 13 parts
– Create powerful tanks that cause even huge and formidable monsters to run away on their feet, and defeat one strong enemy after the next
– Metal Max Xeno: Reborn‘s tank modification system has been completely overhauled
– The new tank modification system has a significantly higher level of freedom
– Full-scale tank modification can be performed by selecting “Garage” from the “Terminal” located at the parking space in the Iron Base

Turret Modification

– Fixed weapons have been done away with entirely
– Freely customize up to five weapon slots
– The turrets for every tank you acquire can be customized with any weapon you like
– Up to five unlockable and modifiable weapon “slots”
– Since “fixed” weapons have been done away with entirely, you can freely equip the tanks you acquire with whatever weapon you like
– Although tanks are already equipped with open weapon slots, you can change the slot type or create slots in locations were no slots exist

Special Chip Sockets

– Enjoy endless possibilities with combinations of up to five special chips
– Can unlock up to five special chip sockets in the Garage for each tank you acquire
– There are no longer restrictions from equipping C-Units and special chips unique to the tank such as with previous entries in the series
– Freely combine the special chips in your possession with your favorite tank

Chassis Modification

– Reinforce your tank’s defense power to match your preferred style and reduce its weight
– While you can increase your tank’s defense power, can also try to reduce its weight to be able to equip more weapons
– Modify the chassis itself to match your preferred style
– By reducing the weight of the chassis, you can go from machine guns-centered small weapons to an attack-specialized Monster Buggy equipped with heavy weapons such as S-E (special equipment)

Convert to Double Engine

– Every tank that appears can be converted to a double engine tank, expanding your options for modification
– The special chip “Double Engine”
– This allows you to install two engines in your tank, converting it to a double engine and filling three sockets
– “Double Engine” is a valuable special chip that is difficult to obtain

2. Introduction to Three Tank Types and the “Wolf”

– “Tanks” are the steel companions the Metal Max series cannot do without
– To survive in the harsh century’s end world of Metal Max Xeno: Reborn, where powerful monsters roam freely, Hunters must understand the characteristics of each tank, master their control, and modify them with enhancements
– Three types of tanks introduced, as well as the Metal Max series’ signature tank, Wolf

Wild Bus

– Has a strong style plated with iron in the front chassis
– The glass-free windows on the side and rear enhances the century’s mood of the vehicle
– One of the few general vehicle type chassis
– Its movement speed and evasion ability are among the best in appearance models
– Features a defensive power relatively strong for a lightweight class
– Utilizing its high potential can lead to unexpected roles for this vehicle, such as equipping heavy weapons to the unique turrets above the vehicle, making it a lightweight class with the ability to launch an instantaneous onslaught


– High-performance, middleweight tank
– Modeled after a real-life, next-generation tank being developed in a certain country
– Its stylish scientific weapons are a fine match for its elegantly curved and beautiful chassis
– By utilizing the basic performance and high modification potential appropriate for its next-generation title, it will undoubtedly become a steadfast attacker that can survive long battles from start to finish
– Equipped with scientific weapons such as beams

Li’l Squirt

– Can be obtained by defeating the superdreadnought class, tank-type monster of the same name
– Its large body covered in armored tiles make it a true mobile fortress
– When you first acquire it, its double engine-converted chassis will feature many powerful weapons
– By improving its defense power to the maximum through tank modification, it will become an iron fortress that can sustain the battlefield until the very last moment with steady firepower
– Li’l Squirt is one of the game’s “Wanted” monsters


– Modeled after the Merkava mkII
– This is the Red Wolf tank nicknamed the “Scarlet Revenger”
– The Wolf has appeared in the Metal Max series since the very first game
– Unlike the original Metal Max Xeno, this is not the player’s initial tank in Metal Max Xeno: Reborn; it is instead obtained in the middle of the game
– Wolf has prominent modification potential even among middleweight tanks
– All-purpose type that allows various different modification patterns, from swift attacker to endurance fighter
– Can modify it to match the abilities of its passengers and other tanks
– Wolf will undoubtedly become your ace in the hole against the much more powerful monsters that appear in the latter half of the game

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