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Mighty No. 9 voice cast, bosses information

Posted on February 10, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News, Wii U eShop

Over on the official Mighty No. 9 blog, Comcept and Inti Creates shared the game’s official English voice cast. The lineup in full is as follows:

Mighty No. 1 Pyrogen: Matt Mercer
Mighty No. 2 Cryosphere: Paige King
Mighty No. 3 Dynatron: Jan Johns
Mighty No. 4 Seismic: Fred Tatasciore
Mighty No. 5 Battalion: Brian. T. Delaney
Mighty No. 6 Aviator: Mick Wingert
Mighty No. 7 Brandish: JP Karliak
Mighty No. 8 Countershade: Steve Blum
Mighty No. 9 Beck: Yuri Lowenthal
Call: Julie Nathanson
Dr. White: Jason Spisak
Dr. Sanda: Dave Wittenberg
Seijiro Sanda: Dave Wittenberg
Mr. Graham: Scott Whyte
Dr. Blackwell: Bob Joles

That’s not all! We also have information about Mighty No. 9’s various bosses. Head past the break for the details.

Mighty No. 1

Codename (Nickname): Pyrogen (Pyro)

Abilities: Fire + Explosion

Height: 223 cm (ignited) / 188 cm (extinguished)

Weight: 236 kg

Xel: 47,200,000

A super close-range power fighter that attacks with the flames spewing forth from his body.

Anything in his white-hot clutches has a snowball’s chance in heck of escaping.


Mighty No. 2

Codename (Nickname) : Cryosphere (Cryo)

Abilities: Water + Ice

Height: 136 cm / 126 cm (without the handle)

Weight: 102 kg

Xel: 20,400,000

She puts both water and ice to good use as a technical, mid-range support role.

Flooding and freezing the stage in turn, she specializes in icing over enemies and stopping them in their tracks.


Mighty No. 3

Codename (Nickname) : Dynatron (Dyna)

Abilities: Thunder + Lightning

Height: 191 cm / 171 cm (without horns)

Weight: 91 kg

Xel: 18,200,000

A long-range fighter that pulls off some tricky maneuvers with her floating electric bits. She can take out multiple foes at once with the electric bolts running between her and her bits. Her favorite battle strategy involves draining enemies of electricity until they shut down.


Mighty No. 4

Codename (Nickname) : Seismic (Mic)

Abilities: Earth + Power

Height: 280 cm

Weight: 690 kg

Xel: 138,000,000

His body parts transform into drills, steamrollers and more, making him a close-range combat/support-type weapon of mass destruction.

He also excels at defense, protecting allies with his sturdy frame and gouging trenches straight out of the terrain.


Mighty No. 5

Codename (Nickname) : Battalion (Bat)

Abilities: Gatling + Heavy Weapons

Height: 305 cm / 260 cm (without gun barrel)

Weight: 300 to 600 kg (*changes according to ammunition payload)


He utilizes existing Gatling guns and heavy ordnance for mid-to-long range combat. He prefers a more calculated approach, cornering his opponents with his Gatling gun and finishing them off with the revolver atop his head.


Mighty No. 6

Codename (Nickname) : Aviator (Avi)

Abilities: Flight + Wind

Height: 220 cm / 180 cm (without propeller)

Weight: 150 kg

Xel: 30,000,000

This reconnaissance unit climbs up into the heavens to supply intel to his allies. He’s equipped to gather and parse massive amounts of information. While he has a measure of offensive ability, his greatest weapon is his maneuverability.


Mighty No. 7

Codename (Nickname) : Brandish (Brand)

Abilities: Sword + Speed

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 187 kg (88 kg body + 99 kg weapons)

Xel: 37,400,000

This swift swordsman, relies solely on his twin blades for weapons. Unlike the other Mighty Numbers he mimics a human fighting style, and wields an outstanding combat ability high enough to be considered “master class”.


Mighty No. 8

Codename (Nickname): Countershade (Shade)

Ability: Radar + Optical Camouflage

Height: 193 cm / 178 cm (without hat)

Weight: 273 kg (183 kg body + 90 kg hat)

Xel: 54,600,000

This long-range sniper uses the radar on his head to seek out and assassinate the target. He believes in “one shot, one kill”, and hates clumsy battles.


Mighty No. 9

Codename (Nickname): Beck (Beck)

Ability: ???

Height: 152 cm (normal)

Weight: 86 kg

Xel: 17,200,000

The game’s protagonist. He possesses an ability never before seen in robots…

You can find a bit more on Mighty No. 9 over on the title’s official blog.


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