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Minecraft Dungeons update out now (version, patch notes

Posted on December 14, 2021 by in News, Switch

A new content update has arrived in Minecraft Dungeons adding a new area, a new progression system, and many bug fixes. Here are the full patch notes:

The Tower:

The Tower is a new gameplay area, available for all players as part of the free Cloudy Climb update.

In the Tower, the player controls an avatar: a character that initially has no gear, but slowly collects it through a selection of rewards you earn as you progress. The Tower itself has 30 different floors, with each one harder than the previous one, and the goal is to make it as high up as you possibly can for the best rewards!

The Tower is home to both familiar mobs and bosses from Minecraft Dungeons – but also a few new foes as well. Not all Tower inhabitants are hostile and some of them will help you along your way up by modifying the gear that you collect. They can increase the power of it, upgrade it to a unique variant, or gild it.

The Tower’s floors will change every few weeks, which gives you a limited window to master its current layout.

Seasonal Adventure Rewards and Progression:

A new progression system has been added to Minecraft Dungeons, allowing new cosmetic rewards to be unlocked, including capes, emotes, pets, flairs, and skins.

Adventure Points are gained through regular gameplay or by completing weekly challenges in the game. The more points you earn, the higher your Adventure Rank becomes, unlocking even greater rewards.

Accessing the Adventure Hub from The Camp allows you to see your current progress towards rewards and challenges. There is a free track of rewards that is available to all players, as well as a premium track that is available to those who purchase the Season 1 Adventure Pass.

New Achievements:

  • With this release, you’ll discover and unlock 10 new achievements during your adventures!



  • Unintentional rolling is now prevented by increasing thumbstick deadzone maximum to 100% (MCD-1100)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when swapping certain melee weapons mid-attack (MCD-6662)
  • Fixed an issue that could result in loss of data when shutting down a PC during a loading screen (MCD-6717)
  • Players must now ‘hold to confirm’ to pick up a banner from a Raid Captain, to prevent accidental pickup
  • The ‘Back to Back’ achievement now unlocks correctly (MCD-6775)
  • The ‘Ear Protection Recommended’ achievement now unlocks correctly during online multiplayer sessions after meeting the criteria (MCD-6657)


  • Players can no longer be killed during the opening cutscene on Gauntlet of Gales (MCD-6737)
  • Fixed an area on Windswept Peaks that caused players to get blown onto an invisible floor by the wind currents
  • Windcaller mobs can no longer launch the player out of bounds on Gauntlet of Gales
  • Fixed an invisible collision that could block arrows on End Wilds
  • Fixed an area that allowed players to leave the playable area on Coral Rise, as well as fixed an area on the mini-map that appeared playable but was not
  • Fixed an area that allowed players to leave the playable area on Windswept Peaks
  • Fixed an area that allowed players to leave the playable area on Broken Citadel (MCD-6597)
  • Fixed an area that allowed players to leave the playable area on Creeper Woods
  • Fixed some chests clipping through walls on Frozen Fjord
  • Fixed the mission objective not changing after picking up the Conduit on Abyssal Monument (MCD-6573)
  • Reduced the size of the cores in Fiery Forge to prevent accidental triggering (MCD-6039)
  • Fixed the player’s view getting blocked by the foreground in an area of End Wilds


  • Corrupted Seeds now have consistent behavior against flying mobs (MCD-6664)
  • Fixed a permanent damage reduction by utilizing Ghostly Armor and Ghost Kindler (MCD-6702)
  • Dual Crossbows now shoot both projectiles properly towards mobs that are much higher and lower than the player (MCD-6805)
  • Fixed some Spookier Fall event gear not showing the proper glow effects when fully enchanted


  • The Ancient Guardian no longer gets stuck out of player attack range (MCD-6200)
  • Ghasts no longer launch into the air after noticing players
  • Skeleton Horsemen can no longer be stunned using certain artifacts
  • Iceologer attacks can no longer be blocked by holding TNT
  • Guardian Vex can no longer be enchanted by Enchanters
  • Ravagers once again perform their charge attack correctly (MCD-6760)
  • The Jungle Abomination no longer ignores pets summoned by players (MCD-6568)
  • Poison Quill Vines no longer ignore pets summoned by players (MCD-6570)


  • The Gravity Pulse enchantment now plays a sound effect when triggered
  • Updated the ranged Dynamo enchantment description for clarity: “Adds damage to the next attack after rolling, with multiple rolls stacking the damage effect.”
  • Fixed the Tempo Theft enchantment not triggering after a killing blow

User Interface

  • Accessibility improvements and fixes for text-to-speech on several screens
  • Fixed slow waiting times when linking to a Microsoft Account (MCD-6371)
  • The level progress bar is now shown properly on the upload/download menus for cloud saves
  • Fixed the ‘To the End!’ achievement notification not appearing on Nintendo Switch
  • Fixed an incorrect translation of Torment Arrows (MCD-5981)

Known Issues:

The following are issues that the development team is aware of and will be working to resolve in an upcoming game update:

  • Tower progress is reset if internet connectivity is lost during a Tower run
  • Tower floor rewards cannot be compared with currently equipped gear when playing with a controller/gamepad
  • The game will crash if Microsoft Account linking is skipped upon first time boot of the game on PlayStation
  • Adventure Points cannot be earned on new PlayStation accounts upon first time boot of the game. Restarting the game will resolve this
  • Players will be pulled out of the pause screen if their controller disconnects
  • Magma Cubes and Blazes may spawn in or jump into lava and out of melee range in the Tower
  • Enchantment point values can become negative after gilding an enchanted item at the Gildsmith

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