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Minecraft Kung Fu Panda

The next collaboration for Minecraft is here with the game teaming up with the Kung Fu Panda franchise.

As part of the DLC, players can master kung fu alongside Po and the Furious Five at the Jade Palace. A special map was created that’s filled with action-packed battles, showdowns from the movies, and a multiplayer mode.

Here’s a trailer:

Minecraft update 1.20.70

Minecraft returned with its latest update in the form of version 1.20.70.

Several changes, fixes, and experimental features are included. Highlights are that wolves now have double the amount of health than they used whil experimental content pertains to the Bogged, Wind Charge, and Vault.

Here’s the full rundown:

Minecraft add-ons

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition was updated today, and the Switch version now supports add-ons.

Add-ons can be accessed through the Minecraft Marketplace. Players can use them to bring in new blocks, mobs, items, recipes, and other content to existing worlds and new ones. Add-ons can be combined as well. Players will also be interested to know that they’re easy to install, as they simply needed to be downloaded from the Minecraft Marketplace.

Minecraft Universal Studios Experience DLC

Minecraft just revealed a new collaboration DLC, this time for the Universal Studios Experience.

This special map combines legendary attractions and experiences inspired by Universal Destinations and Experiences around the world as well as throughout the theme parks’ history. Players will start at the gates of Universal Studios as Woody Woodpecker asks for help in restoring the letters on the Universal globe. Rides, souvenir shops, minigames, and more characters like Shrek and E.T. will appear along the way.

Minecraft update 1.20.61

Minecraft is back with a new version 1.20.61 update. Note that this version is specifically for Switch as other platforms show version 1.20.60, but both are the same.

Today’s patch includes experimental features from the upcoming 1.21 update, including Trial Chambers and the Breeze plus experimental Armadillo and Wolf Armor. Many bug fixes and parity changes are also available.

Here’s the full rundown:

Minecraft has another collaboration in store, this time with Godzilla.

The DLC is inspired by the Godzilla film franchise, and will allow you to play both as the King of Monsters and as humans trying to escape his wrath.

Minecraft Legends development ending

Minecraft Legends‘ development is coming to an end, Mojang Studios has announced.

Snow vs Snouts is the final Lost Legend for the game. It includes a new combat style in which players look to destroy piglin bases from afar, using an enhanced version of the powerful redstone launcher. The launcher in this Lost Legend offers a faster cooldown and (de)construction rate for more mobility and greater attack power, along with its own knockback effect.

Minecraft x Jurassic World Adventures DLC

Minecraft has another collaboration in store with the just-announced Jurassic World Adventures DLC.

The DLC is inspired by the films Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Jurassic World Dominion from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment. It’s an open-world adventure in which players can take on the role of their favorite characters from the franchise as they fend off poachers, protect dinosaurs, collect, unlock, and escape apex predators.

Minecraft update 1.20.50

Minecraft has come out with its latest update, version 1.20.50.

Leading the way for the update is a new look for bats, smashable pots, and some new experimental features like the crafter block. The ‘How to Play’ screen has also been revamped into the ‘Encyclopedia’ screen, plus there are fixes, improvements, and more.

Here’s the full rundown:

Minecraft update version 1.20.50 patch notes

Minecraft Legends update 1.18.11153

Minecraft Legends has received what’s said to be the game’s biggest content update yet.

Some of the highlights include the Frog Mount available in campaign and versus, potion-wielding witches, cauldron structures, and the clanger. Players can also access new custom options, new settings, improvements, and fixes.

Here’s the full rundown:

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