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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Nibelsnarf screenshots and details

Posted on January 31, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Screenshots, Wii U

Capcom is continuing to highlight creatures from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. The latest, Nibelsnarf, is a Leviathan in the game.

Nibelsnarf screenshots and details are posted below, straight from Capcom-Unity.

Nibelsnarf is one of the very unique monsters in this series. There aren’t many other foes like it, except for maybe the Gobul, who we met in Monster Hunter Tri (the base game for MH3U). Both of them have oversized mouths and will try to eat you alive! They also share a very similar physique and tend to swim a lot. The big difference here is that the Gobul swims underwater while the Nibelsnarf swims on sand. You better believe it!

Due to its enormous mouth, the Nibelsnarf can suck in huge amounts of sand (and anything or anyone in the way) and later spit it all out as a strong attack. It will also occasionally release excess of sand through its gills, blowing away anyone who tries to approach it from behind. And since the Nibelsnarf likes to burrow in the desert’s sandy areas, make sure to take some Sonic Bombs and Barrel Bombs as you set out on your hunt.


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