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More details about the Mario Kart 8 update

Posted on September 6, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

There’s a bit more to Mario Kart 8’s recent update than originally thought. Aside from what has been previously mentioned, the patch also does the following:

– Time Trials Miiverse post now can include a picture of the results.
– You can now display and hide the map in Highlights by pressing the -/Select button, and it also shows the name of the driver that the camera focuses on
– With Highlights of online races, it shows the player’s Mii, nickname and country.
– You can display and hide the map and player’s information when uploading a Highlight video to YouTube as well.
– Highlight videos uploaded to YouTube now have tags for the used parts (Vehicle, Wheels and Glider), and the time for Time Trials Highlights
– the skins of Yoshi and Shy Guy also have their own tags.

Additionally, here’s a look at adjustments made to the Mario Kart TV website:

– There’s now a “User Page”, which has a link to the User’s profile on Miiverse, Facebook/Twitter Share Buttons
– This page shows the user’s Race Rating, Battle Rating, Favorite Tournaments and uploaded Highlights to YouTube.
– You can now check Tournaments details like Schedule, Rules, Entry Code, Description, Rankings and uploaded Highlights to YouTube related to the Tournament.
– view a list of all your Friends and see Friends Currently Online
– This shows if a Friend is connected and it specifies if they are playing Mario Kart 8.


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