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Natsume on why the company hasn’t localized recent Medabots games, GBA Wii U VC titles in June

Posted on April 2, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Wii U eShop

During the latest Fragments of Silicon podcast, Natsume’s director of operations Graham Markay explained why the company passed on localizations of the recent Medabots games. He explained:

[…] not every game that’s made in a particular territory, such as Japan, is always made with a worldwide release in mind. Another thing to consider is that we’d have to use Rocket Company’s engineers and programmers in regards to localizing a game. Even if we were to translate it, they’d have to be available. We reached out to them and told them we wanted to do more. We had a great time back in the day on the GBA releasing those four Medabots games, and on the Gamecube. Unfortunately, the stars have not yet aligned. Hopefully there’s a game that they have time to partner with us on.

[…] I would’ve loved to have brought [Medarot 7 and Medarot 8] over to the US. It just doesn’t seem like the right timing now. Then that begs the question of when would be the right timing. Maybe when their team frees up, but then when’s that going to be? When we’re free, they’re free, is it still going to be viable for the 3DS market at the time? We haven’t given up. It’s not like they reached out and said, “Hey, we need A, B, and C to make this happen.” We both looked at our calendars and unfortunately they were involved with something and weren’t available at the time.

Markay also revealed that Natsume’s GBA Virtual Console games will begin arriving on the Wii U eShop starting in June. This includes the Medabots titles AX and An RPG Adventure.


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