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In advance of the 20th anniversary of the Medabots series occurring on November 28th, a countdown clock has been added to the series’ official portal website.

Previously, developer Imagineer has directly teased some type of major announcement happening on the 20th anniversary, or as they call it, “Medabots Day”. While there is no indication as to which platform a new Medabots series title may be announced for, Imagineer has worked on games for Nintendo consoles in the past, making a new entry somewhat possible.

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Natsume has published the second portion of its winter Q&A with fans. You can see what the company had to say in part 1 here.

In response to a fan wondering if there’s any news about Medabots, Natsume shared the following:

Nothing new to report on the Medabots front. We’re sadface too. We’re happy we were able to launch all four GBA games (Medabots and Medabots AX, both Rokusho and Metabee editions) on the Wii U Virtual Console. And we are definitely hopeful we’ll get a chance to localize another game in the future.

Natsume also weighed in on how it chooses games for localization:

We have a few guidelines for choosing titles. The first is that the game needs to fit into our company model. That is to say, it is a unique and niche title that has the ability to grow its respective market. Second, we don’t release games that would be rated M. We like to keep everything family friendly. We love taking chances of quirky and special games that might not ever make it to the western market, such as Chulip, A-Train, or Afrika. There are a lot of other factors as well, but those are the basics.

You can find a couple more questions and answers on the Tumblr page here.

Through a preview image from this week’s Famitsu, we’ve learned that Medabots 9 has been announced. Two versions of the game will be released: Medabots 9 Kabuto Version and Medabots 9 Kuwagata Version, both of them for 3DS. A striking new feature of this game will be 3-on-3 battles.

You can expect more info once we’ve got our hands on this week’s issue of Famitsu.

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During the latest Fragments of Silicon podcast, Natsume’s director of operations Graham Markay explained why the company passed on localizations of the recent Medabots games. He explained:

[…] not every game that’s made in a particular territory, such as Japan, is always made with a worldwide release in mind. Another thing to consider is that we’d have to use Rocket Company’s engineers and programmers in regards to localizing a game. Even if we were to translate it, they’d have to be available. We reached out to them and told them we wanted to do more. We had a great time back in the day on the GBA releasing those four Medabots games, and on the Gamecube. Unfortunately, the stars have not yet aligned. Hopefully there’s a game that they have time to partner with us on.

[…] I would’ve loved to have brought [Medarot 7 and Medarot 8] over to the US. It just doesn’t seem like the right timing now. Then that begs the question of when would be the right timing. Maybe when their team frees up, but then when’s that going to be? When we’re free, they’re free, is it still going to be viable for the 3DS market at the time? We haven’t given up. It’s not like they reached out and said, “Hey, we need A, B, and C to make this happen.” We both looked at our calendars and unfortunately they were involved with something and weren’t available at the time.

Markay also revealed that Natsume’s GBA Virtual Console games will begin arriving on the Wii U eShop starting in June. This includes the Medabots titles AX and An RPG Adventure.


Thanks to the cover of Role Playing Gameside Vol. 2, we now know that sales of the Medabots game franchise have surpassed three million units globally. The magazine promises a 21-page retrospective on the franchise, and there will be an interview with series artist Horuma Rin.

There have been plenty of Medabots games on Nintendo platforms over the years. We’ve seen new releases on the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, DS, and 3DS.


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Natsume used to help bring over the Medabots games, but we haven’t seen any titles localized since the Game Boy Advance games. In an interview with Siliconera, Natsume president Hiro Maekawa said that the company doesn’t have “a concrete plan for future Medabots titles”, though he did say that there will be some sort of news about the series this year.

He said:

“At this point, we do not have a concrete plan for future Medabots titles, but we are carefully listening to fans voices and we know the team over there and would love the opportunity to bring a new Medabots game to the U.S. one day. Once again we have spent time, money, and love on that franchise, and we want to see it move forward just as much as our fans do. I know this isn’t the answer Medabots fans wanted, but stay tuned, because there will be some Medabots news in 2015. Keep an eye out!”

Maekawa also commented on Natsume’s relationship with Kemco. The two sides worked together on Alphadia Genesis, which landed on Wii U last year.

“We maintain a very close relationship with Kemco. We work very well with them and they make RPGs that fit so well into our “niche and unique” model. I have always been fond of RPGs and we continue to look for ones that fit with Natsume. Are we working together on a co-developed RPG? We have definitely talked about it! You will be one of the first to know if we have some news to announce.”


Another wave of details have come in for Medabots 8. You can find them rounded up below.

– Slight content variations between the two versions
– Metabee and Rokusho are the mascot Medabots
– Battles consist of the 3-on-3 relay system
– Goal is to destroy the leader’s head
– The distinction between Strike/Berserk and Shoot/Snipe actions appears to be gone
– This has now been simplified to “close range” or “shooting”
– “Attack response” parameter takes its place instead
– Attack response determines whether you can defend/evade after using it
– Medalias are returning, which allow your Medabot to gain useful abilities
– Medabots 7’s Medal leveling system is back as well
– This sees Medal levels determined by the sum of the individual skill totals
– Medal levels are capped by an overall Medarotter level
– Shinto Kamichi handling character art
– Franchise regular Horuma Rin will design the 200 Medarot in the game
– He will be creating a four chapter manga series distributed online through NicoNico Seiga starting July 1st
– NicoNico Seiga will also play host to the Orimeda robot design contest
– Three fans will have their Medabot design featured in the game as DLC
– Deadline for the contest is August 3rd
– Soundtrack CD, which is a first print bonus, contain all of the new music produced for the game as well as new arrangements for select tracks from classic Medabots titles
– The track list will differ entirely depending on the version of the game you buy
– Each disc will contain 51 songs
– The album and disc art were drawn by Horuma Rin


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