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Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists: Atelier of a New Land official details and screenshots

Posted on June 17, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

Gust has released official details and screenshots for Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists: Atelier of a New Land. We’ve rounded up the latest content below, courtesy of Gematsu

The Beginning of the Story

– In the remote countryside village of Vestbalt, it is said that there is an untouched sage’s relic known as the “Grantzvite Tree”
– As director, Nelke von Luchetam will develop this village while searching for the Grantzvite Tree
– Nelke von Luchetam: a girl who admires the hero sages who saved the people using that mysterious power
– Nelke is unable to use alchemy
– She thinks that it will take quite some time to develop the village
– Nevertheless, the “legendary alchemists” from various worlds that come to the village one by one will help develop it at tremendous speed

Nelke von Luchetam

– A prodigy who graduated at the top of her class from the academy in the Imperial capital
– Admires the “Grantzvite Sages” who saved the people using a mysterious power
– She does not have any ability as an alchemist
– She is looking for a way to be useful to the people as a noble
– Nelke von Luchetam takes the place of her father, who is lord of the village, and will develop Vestbalt as its director

Revitalize the Village and Create a Town All Your Own

– Nelke will revitalize the village’s naturally abundant land and work together with legendary alchemists to develop it significantly
– Vestbalt will be a village with nothing to start out, but with the efforts of Nelke and the others, it will develop into a town and even a city
– The story will also progress as you develop the village

The Type of Town You Develop is Up to You

– Vestbalt: a quiet and naturally abundant land
– At first it is a village with nothing, but cooperators will gradually start to appear as you open small shops and start to revitalize
– By working alongside them, you will be able to develop the village and create a town all your own
– Place the buildings you like to revitalize the town
– Earn money through shops to develop the town little by little
– The type of town you develop is up to you

Legendary Alchemists

– Nelke’s reassuring cooperators are characters that appeared in previous Atelier games
– Work alongside these legendary alchemists to develop the village
– You will also be able to deepen your friendships with them and witness a crossover of characters from different titles
– Together, the legendary alchemists will to explore and defeat monsters, synthesize various things requested by Nelke, help out in shops, and more
– Through town building, not only will the population of the village increase to develop into a town and city, new characters will come along as well

Marlone (Marie) (voiced by Haruna Ikezawa)

– A lively woman who once attended a royal academy, where she managed to receive the lowest grades in the history of the school
– When she meets Nelke and the others, she decides to help develop the village while looking for the Grantzvite Tree

Merurulince Rede Arls (Meruru)

– The daughter of a lord of a certain kingdom
– Wanting to enrich her hometown, she took part in a revitalization project using the power of alchemy
– Bright and positive
– Tends to act before thinking

Ayesha Altugle

– An alchemist who works as an apothecary in a secluded atelier
– Quiet and does things at her own pace
– Has unbreakable inner strength
– Settles down and opens her own atelier
– Through interactions with characters, you will be able to hear of their past experiences

Sophie Neuenmuller

– A traveling alchemist with the goal of becoming an alchemist that everyone can rely upon
– Her cheerful personality brightens up those around her
– She can also be absent-minded
– She loves alchemy and finds great joy in using it to help others
– Sophie enters the atelier of the often forceful Marie
– It is in ways such as this that the legendary alchemists will interact

Viorate Platane (Vio)

– An alchemist who lives with her older brother in Karotte Village
– Her specialties include all types of housework
– Energetic and cheerful
– Loves the carrots that Karotte Village is known for, and moreover has an extraordinary passion for carrots

Klein Kiesling

– An alchemist who came from a world filled with the power of beings known as mana
– He isn’t the type to show his feelings, but his personality will gradually change

Vayne Aurelius

– A young man who once lived alone in the mountains with a black cat
– He was scouted by an academy to study alchemy, where he learned the field
– Perhaps because he is quiet and not good in social situations, he seems to easily get wrapped up in the trouble around him

Characters Drawn by NOCO

– Characters are from character designer NOCO
– New characters will also appear
– The characters of previous works will be represented by NOCO’s style of drawing

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