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Neos announces Puru-Chara Friends: Hoppe-chan to Sanrio Characters for Switch

Posted on February 8, 2019 by (@Sonicb00m111) in News, Switch

The developer Neos has announced that a new Sanrio game — titled Puru-Chara Friends: Hoppe-chan to Sanrio Characters — is heading to Switch on April 25th in Japan.

Gematsu has gone through the trouble of translating the retail overview for the game. It can be viewed below, along with a couple early screenshots.

Squeeze! Decorate! Design Your Very Own Hoppe-chan!

The Hoppe-chans you create will live in your town! Make cute Hoppe-chans one after the next and invite them all. With over 400 accessories, more than 20 patterns, and total color control, there combination possibilities are endless. Create a bustling town with your very own Hoppe-chans!

By befriending Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty, your town will become more and more stylish. Continue to meet new Sanrio characters and develop your town!

Sanrio characters will also bring along cool furniture, which you can freely place in your room!

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