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NES Classic Edition – no Internet connection, no additional games, doesn’t open

Posted on July 14, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Update: Added in some more answers courtesy of Polygon.

Kotaku fired off a few questions to Nintendo to learn more about the NES Classic Edition site open. The company commented on whether it can connect to the Internet (it can’t), whether it’ll get more games (nope), whether it can play old cartridges (won’t work!). Kotaku also asked about plans for other mini consoles, but Nintendo’s answer won’t surprise you.

In any case, head past the break for all of Nintendo’s comments.

Will the mini-NES be able to connect to the internet?

No. The console is a standalone device, so it cannot connect to the internet or any external storage devices. The game lineup was chosen to provide a diverse mix of popular and recognizable NES games that appeal to a wide variety of players. Everyone should be able to find multiple games to enjoy.

On the same note: does Nintendo plan to sell other NES games for the mini-NES beyond the 30 it comes preloaded with?

No. The console is a standalone device, so it cannot connect to the internet or any external storage devices. The 30 games included with the system were chosen to provide a wide variety of top-quality, long-lasting game-play experiences.

Are there plans for other mini-consoles, like a mini-SNES or mini-N64?

We have nothing to announce at this time.

Just because people have been asking: safe to say it can’t play old cartridges, right? (Based on the image it looks like an NES cartridge would have around the same width as the entire console.) Does it open up at all?

The console does not use physical media and therefore the Chamber Lid does not open.


What sort of storage does it use?

We aren’t discussing technical specifications. However, it does not connect to any external storage devices.

Is this running via an emulator?

We aren’t discussing technical specifications.

How will saving work?

Each game has multiple suspend points, so you can start where you left off at a later time.

Will it support a video emulation mode like scan lines or crt emulation?

We will confirm these details later.

What are its dimensions and weight?

We aren’t discussing technical specifications, but it is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

What outputs does it have beyond HDMI?

The console outputs video only via HDMI.

Does it support expanded memory?


Does it have a USB port?

Technically, yes, but that port is only used to power the system with the included AC adapter.

Will it support other NES controllers like the original, Nintendo remakes or wireless controllers?

In addition to the NES Classic Controller, the Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro are also compatible with the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition. Both can be plugged directly into the console; however, when using two controllers, one of them must be the NES Classic Controller.

The new NES Classic Controller has a different connector than the original NES controllers and accessories, so they are not interchangeable.

Do you have to blow on it to get it to work?

Some things are best left in the ’80s!


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