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New 3DS exclusive Scoop’n Birds features musician Alice Cooper’s likeness

Posted on April 13, 2017 by in 3DS eShop, New Nintendo 3DS

It seems the New 3DS eShop will be graced with another strange exclusive – featuring a character based on the legendary musician Alice Cooper, no less.

Releasing today, Scoop’n Birds is a New Nintendo 3DS exclusive which tasks the player with – you guessed it – scooping birds. Players will run a pet store and scoop birds to sell them to would-be bird owners. Due to being created in Unity, it’s locked to the New Nintendo 3DS as the original 3DS unfortunately lacks Unity support. Players will work under the owner of the store, Alice Scooper. Clearly meant to evoke Alice Cooper with his appearance and name of the character, developer TwinSky Games has a bizarre story behind the inclusion of the musical legend.

In an email to Polygon, Tim Winsky of TwinSky Games said this about the inclusion of Alice Cooper:

“I had previously met Alice Cooper (or Vince, as he’s known IRL) when visiting my artist’s church,” he said. “Later, when agonizing over the character that should own the bird store and guide the player, the character Alice Scooper came to me. When we approached him about this, he fortunately thought it was funny, so it’s been smooth sailing.”

It seems the best things in life really don’t make any sense. You can find the release trailer for Scoop’n Bird below, and can check out the full article from Polygon here.

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