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New batch of Fire Emblem: Three Houses details

Posted on June 22, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

This week’s issue of Famitsu featured Fire Emblem: Three Houses once again. The magazine shared the latest details about characters, the tea party mini-game, market, and more. We’ve rounded up the information below, courtesy of Serenes Forest.

– War Phase takes place 5 years later
– The game flow is largely unchanged in this part of the game
– There’s still a calendar and you still train your allies during weekdays and do whatever you want during weekends
– There are some slight differences, like “instructing” is now called “training”
– Bernadetta has strengths in Lance and Bow (and Heavy Armor)
– Has weaknesses in Sword, Axe and Fighting
– Ashe has strengths in Axe and Bow, but a weakness in Reason
– He also has a hidden talent in Lance
– Advanced Training: flexible version of Faculty Training, where you can increase your skill levels from people with higher skill levels than you
– Hilda: strengths in Lance and Axe, but fares poorly in Faith and Authority
– Thales, Solon and Cronje are members of “the Nightcrawlers”
– These three seem to act as a trio
– The Flame Emperor and Death Knight are also members of this shady organisation
– Recruit (or scout) students from other houses to join yours
– After recruiting a student, they may join you during the War Phase
– Leonie’s requirements: Strength and Lance
– Petra can be recruited as well
– This transfer student from the Brigid Isles isn’t too fussy and wants you to have a high Dexterity stat and Riding skill level
– If the character enjoys the gift you give them, you’ll gain support points
– Also, if they’re in your house, gain increased motivation
– Each gift has a hint in its description
– Ex: For the Bear Doll, it’s recommended for those who like animals or cute things.
– Other gifts include Tasty Baked Treats, Training Weights, Riding Shoes and Messenger Owl’s Feathers
– Annette can apparently be recruited as well
– She seems to enjoy the Tasty Baked Treats, but not as much as Marianne liked the Bear Doll
– The Bear Doll has a higher grade value (3 stars versus 1)
– While wandering the monastery, you may come across blue sparkles on the floor
– These may be items or even lost items that somebody dropped
– If you can give the lost item to the correct person, you can earn their favor
– Lost items have a description
– Ignatz can be scouted to your house
– Raphael can be recruited
– Tea party mini-game: can invite characters during the weekend or when it’s their birthday
– If done during the weekend, it costs 1 activity point
– Before the tea party starts, you choose your tea leaves
– Available tea leaves include: Apple Tea, Eastern Incense Tea, Berry Tea, Mint Tea and Herbal Tea
– Begin talking as you drink your tea
– You’ll have the option to choose from three conversation topics
– Only have 15 or so seconds to decide
– It seems you’ll have to choose three topics during the tea part
– Successfully pick the correct option 3 times and you’ll enjoy the “perfect tea time”
– If you enter perfect tea time, a free time session will occur
– You can “gaze” at your partner, with the ability to move the camera
– There will also be button prompts like X to “tease”
– Also, you can give a gift
– Finally, you can end the session
– You can invite males as well for tea
– Use Renown points to claim rewards like boosted skill level gain during instructing, additional Divine Pulse charges and whatnot
– After redeeming a skill level boost, you’ll start to see statue icons when instructing
– Petra is good with Sword, Axe and Fighting, but poor with Reason and Faith
– Participate in choir practice while in the cathedral
– Like sharing a meal, you pick two characters (can be students from other houses or even staff) to attend practice
– Doing so will boost the characters’ support points, Faith skill levels and your Authority skill level
– Advice Box: answer anonymous letters
– Learn their identity of the sender after answering the letter
– The market is located towards the south-east of the monastery
– There’s the armory and vendor (where you can stock up on weapons and healing items etc.)
– The western merchant sells a variety of seeds and gifts: Fódlan Northern Produced Seeds, Red Flower Seeds, White Flower Seeds, Blue Flower Seeds, Purple Flower Seeds, Yellow Flower Seeds, Green Flower Seeds, Light Blue Flower Seeds, Pretty Cut Flowers, Tasty Baked Treats, Smoked Meat and a Watering Can
– The four gifts at the end have limited stock
– The eastern merchants sells bait for fishing, ore and tea leaves: Water Critter, Snail, Earthworm, Maggot, Small Fish Bait, Smithing Stone, Round Steel, Apple Tea, Berry Tea, Southern Fruit Tea, Mint Tea and Almond Tea
– The fishing bait have limited but reasonable stock
– Smithing Stones seem to be unlimited and cost 100G each
– Anna makes a re-appearance
– After clearing certain quest(s), she’ll open up a secret shop in the market
– Apparently you can buy rare items from her
– Smithy: forge weapons to make them stronger (and give them names)
– To forge weapons, you need to spend Smithing Stones and gold
– You can get the former from merchants and by clearing weekly Group Tasks
– One more thing you can do at the Smithy is repair weapons
– When a weapon reaches 0 uses, it no longer disappears, but enters a drastically weakened state
– The protagonist’s Sword of the Creator can be repaired too
– The sword has an exclusive Combat Art: Ruptured Heaven (effective against Dragons)
– Combat Arts are special techniques that characters can trigger during their own turn
– You can learn them by improving your skill levels
– Combat Arts are tied to weapon groups, so there are Sword Combat Arts, Lance ones, etc
– Similarly, magic spells can be learned by improving one’s Reason and Faith skill levels
– During weekends, if you choose to rest, the Sword of the Creator will automatically gain 5 uses
– Advanced classes are available once a character reaches Level 20 or higher
– Hero (male-only): A combat professional with superior strength and speed
– Fortress: A fortified soldier with overwhelming defense; in exchange for their low speed, they can protect allies with their high defense
– Paladin: Veteran knights with bundles of experience; boast high Strength, Defence and Resistance; after combat, they can move again
– Grappler (male-only): an expert who has mastered the art of fighting; they can topple foes with their rapid-firing punches
– Warlock: those who have mastered black magic; they are strong even against foes with high defense
– Bishop: those who have mastered white magic; they are capable of both attacking and healing
– At least 5 more Advanced classes to cover; likely Swordmaster, Assassin, Wyvern Rider, Warrior and Sniper.

In case you missed it, you can find the latest Fire Emblem: Three Houses scans here. If you’re interested in seeing every individual screenshot, head on over to Famitsu here.

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